Glacial Fissure


Is it worth it to use glacial fissure at the beginning of the match? I know 8 damage is a lot but I remember hearing that tempo is a lot more important than burn damage. Let’s say you are p2 and it’s turn 2. You have access to 5 mana. The enemy general is on the center column. Should you play a 5 drop or glacial fissure and a 2 drop.


Therems a lot to take into consideration when playing.

What kind of 5 mana minion is it? What kind of combos can I do with that minion? What do I do if the enemy kills my minion? How many enemies can I hit if I use fissure? What faction/general/decktype am I playing against?

So the answer is never the same. However, considering all of the anti-minion cards there are in play at the moment, I’d just play the spell and get the damage in especially with how conditional glacial fissure is.


Having made a deck with the card back when it first came out, it depends on your opponent. Some factions have good healing cards like Magmar with Earth Sphere and Lyonar with any number of cards, but to name one as an example Scintilla. Using Glacial Fissure early against them doesn’t do anything, because they can just heal that damage away instantly or over time. Whereas, others factions like Vet for example that have no in-faction healing, so doing the damage early can be beneficial and put them on the back foot.

But basically, it comes down a couple of things. Is it likely the opponent has healing? If yes, then the damage won’t matter as much against them unless its lethal, since they heal back up. If no, then the damage could mean more but you are giving up tempo and board. How aggressive will the opponent be? Since some decks/generals won’t force themselves towards the middle after the mana tiles have been used and will back off to play they own style, while others will want to stay on top of you. Can you manipulate or force your opponent’s positioning? Sometimes just using minions to body block your opponent, will make them move into the center column.

But overall, I prefer playing a minion over Glacial Fissure. Plus if they stand in the center column and you have 2 Glacial Fissures for your 6 mana turn, that is a 16 damage burst on top of any damage you can deal with minions and your general. However, I will also say Glacial Fissure is too niche and not really worth playing from my own experience.


It’s exactly because of this that the card is good. If the card were good people would play around it. It’s because it’s pretty bad that it can sometimes win games.


But the problem is the times the card wins games vs the times it does nothing or very little, isn’t high enough to warrant playing the card. Plus it becomes a 1 trick card, once your opponent has seen it you’re unlikely to be able to play it again within the same game, or in a rematch in the rare times you happen to get the same opponent in a short time span, because your opponent has seen you play it before.


I’ve played with mesmerized.
If you hit them early with fissure, then you may have a second chance with mesmerize.
But, it’s very situational.
Sometimes you can stun them on the center column & use fissure next turn.
Great when it works, sucks when it’s a dead card.


I think i won like 80 or 90% of the games where fissure was used against me and only hit my General. Maybe a dedicated burn deck could get away with it but anything that intends to go beyond 7 mana will probably lose to the tempo loss. If you play it, make sure you can clear a minion or two as well.


Glacial Fissure is a card I only run in my dedicated Aggro Vanar deck. This is because of how situational the card is and that in the early turns you are most likely to play it most archetypes want to play minions.

If it is a Aggro/Burn deck you are playing I would suggest using Glacial as soon as you can. Since I made the deck I don’t think I’ve lost a match where I played Glacial Fissure, particularly early on. However if yours is not a deck that is dishing out face damage consistently I would not recommend even running Fissure most of the time.


Convenience. A strong card, in a very conditional yet easily met condition. Stupid opponents walk right into a fissure bait, not so stupid ones actually avoid it. It actually can turn games around, and fissuring on p2t2 is arguable, and conditional. Does the other guy have minions? Where are they? How high priority are they? Where’s the general? It doesn’t always get used, since it really depends on the specific game, but god DAMN is it satisfying seeing those -8 HP points. I run this in my burn Vanar list, but honestly I’m not all that good at vanar, Vanar mains, take it away


How dare you to call those that play into fissure stupid?I could understand you if you were talking about a faction staple like holy immo and makantor but fissure isnt played much.You cant play around everything…positioning yourself in a disadvantageous way just to outplay a card that your opponent is very UNLIKELY to have is not good play.


first of all, playing on the centre column against vanar is a big mistake even without fissure in the deck. the centre column is where literally EVERYTHING goes wrong. Fissure is just one, and if you put your minions on the same column as your general against Faie, honestly its a pretty dumb move, you have to agree, also being on the centre column allows ALL KINDS of infiltrate activations, so yes, I do believe it is a bad play.

Let’s be honest, positioning around the centre column is not hard either, and even more so when you can deny your opponent very clear advantages, I think I would normally play around the centre column against any Vanar.

Edit: sorry if I sound negative or condescending, it isn’t my intention, just salty at myself for walking into one-too-many fissure baits


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