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Giving away Humble Bundle code for a new player


Hi, I’m StealthHobo and I wanna give some new player my spare Humble Bundle code before it expires. First come, first served. Don’t be shy, I’m not some creepy old dude trying lure children into his gingerbread house. I promise.

Edit: Code is now gone

PS. I like Abyssian


hi im new mind giving me the humble bundle and a quik question what class is best for new players and is easy to master


Hi, I’m also a new player and I love this game so much that I got diamond after a few days, grinding with potato decks :slight_smile: also looking for a code so I can have some chance to win against all the non-potato decks in diamond. Ty!


OP says code is gone, and I’m not even sure they can be redeemed anymore. If you still need, there should be a thread on Reddit here:


As well as one on this forum, here:

Going to lock the thread now, good luck new guys :?)

Have some got some duelyst codes left?
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