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Give me your underplayed archytypes decks


Not exactly a deck, but there’s the nightmare Operant + deceptibot suite. It’s a pretty fun sidememe when playing dying wish decks, and even better when you meet a battlepet player.

Ranged Lyonar is pretty fun too. It’s not as powerful as the crude divine bond, but double tapping is a joy a dooly player should definitely try out.


There’s this weird thread lying around, I’ve heard it’s got a couple of fun Abyssian decks:


You could definitely ruin progenitor in this list. Taygete is a big flex spot in the list, I’ve been trying out a bunch of different cards but I’m not sure if i have found the right one yet.


Have you tried Progenitor, it just does so much.


What archetypes are underplayed? I’ve done some games but I don’t know what’s underplayed. Aggro Songhai seems to have gotten hit pretty which is kind of a bummer. I’ve really been having fun with Maehv.


Aggro Songhai is actually considered tier 1 at the moment. Alphacentury is dominating with it in some tournaments.

I really don’t enjoy the play-style for some reason though so I stick to either burn or mid-range depending on what I come up against and those two work really good together as what mid-range can’t beat, burn can and vice versa. Maybe some artihai on the side as soon as I can craft Mask of Shadows, Flicker, and Cobra Strike.


Aggro reva is actually quite good. Honestly the main songhai archetypes I think is suffering rn is mid kaleos and bstab kaleos.

The rest are doing decently


Presenting suicidehorn. Very unrefined


Where is rancor boy

Also I just play rancor, elucidator, decimus, spikes. Thats the suicide package for ya


Dying Wish+Reliquarian Vet. F8 played it ages ago, so you might be able find a deck list somewhere.

It aimed to Reliq your Oserix which would pull out Ank so you could nuke the enemy from across the board and bring back Aymaras and Oserix.


so here’s a thing that no one ever realizes
mnemovore + ice age
no one dispels nemy on a vanar since they dont think it can do wincon-level disruption
so i took the advantage of the unknown
fill your remaining deck with all kinds of cancerous control and draw
playing ilena sounds the best, tho i never tried, ilena is too much of an investment
btw how it works is that overdrawing deals damage to enemy general
and thats already a wincon


Give me few minutes ill drop a hot Gate list here



Unfortunately, i don’t remember who to credit for this deck, it popped up in a thread about a month ago, and seems mightily fun - 0 mana pantheran + reliquarian = all minions that died so far are ressurected…


I believe, @deathsadvocate had some panteran lists at some point, this may be a variation of his.


That was my deck :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, it is a rippoff of F8D’s old Pantheran deck (The only change I made at that time was replace the recently nerfed Falcius with Sand Howler). Recently, I made some improvements to the deck based on @akurane’s suggestions and changed some of the cards that I felt weren’t preforming good enough. The new deck looks like this:

I did pretty good with it last season (it took me pretty high in S) and it seems OK this season (I haven’t tested it that much this season but so far it still seems playable).


Any special piloting tips on this deck?


Why aren’t you updating your Big Boyz with Worldcore Golem?


I met a list (in gold) that was trying to mirrorrim dustdrinkers and then revive lots of them via relic.

I barely won using Underlord of Arcane list where I summoned a Nightshroud on the board with illusionist and completed trial and then sacrificed it with BBS.

An epic match.

Other than that, reviving dustdrinkers seems like a valid meme idea. What do you think?


I thought about it when I posted above … but a bit demotivated since last patch :disappointed:


You want to be putting down threats for your opponent to answer, not the other way around since your removal suit consists only of Blood of Air and, situationally, Third Wish. Fireblaze Obelysk, Portal Guardian, Dioltas and Tombstone + Second wish are all very threatening units that demand an answer. You lack any real card draw so keep that in mind before dumping your whole hand.

Aethermaster is really helpful since he makes sure you don’t clog up your hand with expensive minions or too many Scion’s wishes. Dig for Superior mirage when against Magmar, they are a very tough matchup for this deck without it and Aethermaster helps find that one copy rather reliably.

It is usually better to spread your buffs among multiple units instead of using them all on one. If you have no other good play it is acceptable to play a 6 mana Pantheran.

Other than that just try to develop as threatening of a board as you can. If you lose the board you will have a hard time coming back usually.

@alplod, that sounds very funny, I’ll definitely try a version with Duskdrinker for memes sometime :stuck_out_tongue: