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Give me your underplayed archytypes decks


So after years playing songhai and vanar i want to try running new faction.
But i want to run (as usual) and underplayed archtype.

Give me your decks! The funner the better


So not Vanar nor Songhai ?


I recommend furor Cass, but I didn’t build it after rerotation

Probably still playable as is. Sphere was nerfed, but Purgatos buffed.


Guardian brome

Its not very good,especialy fault vet shreds it without effort
Celebrant for early guardian(might add a 3rd in exchange for another 2 drop)
Dioltas is probably decent here
Trinity is not required…the cycling of the deck usually keeps your hand quite full(just replace those 2drops later on)
Might remove lifestream for aegis
Might remove zir

No matter what you do…aggro or to a lesser extend burn is all this deck is ever going to win against


Don’t have my Dying Wish Vet deck (the one that worked) and the only saved build I have, is a very outdated one so don’t use it. But I’ll show it as it gives a general idea on what it looked like in the early stages of when I was messing around (back when Vanar Arcanyst was the meta).

You can go all out on dying wish minions in which case, you’ll need to curve the deck out so you don’t run out of cards towards the late game. But you’ll have problems against decks that run dispel (EMP) or transformation cards but if I remember correctly Corpse Combustion will still bring minions back if dispelled. Or you can streamline the deck to the good dying wish cards, with other things like golems, or dervishes along side allowing for more flexibility.


whatever you want man:)


i thing aegis and march. might be great, also war exorcist.

i’ll try to run somthing similar:)


GL against vet with their 3BOA,3sandswirl readers and their ability to just bruteforce through your guardians lategame with fault-kha.Its even better if you play against cyphron with grapnel


well this deck is a problem eitherway you look at it


If you can’t beat them, join them.
I think I’m gonna play it until ultimate boredom wins and the nerfbat hits :wink:


Aren’t Oserix and Reliquarian the cornerstones of Vet Dying Wish? I’ve always wanted to try that 1 mana sacrifice card too, it’s strong on paper.

@nwardezir did you stop making Mech Zirix since Mechazor isn’t just good in any deck anymore?


positioning Vanar with things like Eyolith, Wanderlust, Freeblade etc.


What I’m currently running. I’m thinking about -1 egg morph for +1 Inceptor though.


Projeniter looks good here imo, gives you more bodies to ping and lots of tempo.


this is bueatiful


Not in the version that I made. Reliquarian wasn’t around when I first made my version and Oserix got changed recently as before it was 7 mana. As well as a couple of the artifacts were not around back then as well. If you want Oserix then you’ll have to add in artifacts, which can be a problem when potentially the deck has more reliable options to go in. Reliquarian makes sense but its not a card that I like, having tried it in other decks. While I can’t test either of those cards in this deck because Oserix I don’t have and Reliqurian I disenchanted a while back. In reality, there isn’t really a true cornerstone in the deck as you can make different varieties of Dying Wish Vet.

Should be strong with Pax and other strong dying wish effects, but haven’t tried it yet. Still rebuilding the collection because of standard coming (disenchanted Shim’zar) and then going (crying in a dark corner over the collection).


I stopped when IV expac brought shitload of Mechs, wasn’t unusual and fun anymore to play mechs. Last update is here : Zirixz0r update “Unearthed Prophecy” II

My next “homemade” was Big Boyz that I played/updated for a couple seasons. With Mythron, I switched to Federer that I still play regularly.

Nowadays … dunno, I’m struggling to have fun in Ranked, feels like …

... Modern Times



Even before the changes and with no artifacts, trying to ramp out Oserix for the big flying body was the base of any Vet DW deck. I highly recommend Reliquarian, very powerful if you can use it on an Aymara or something.


I disagree that Oserix was the base of any Vet DW deck. You can have decks without it. I’ve had a deck without it and was quite successful at that time. As for Reliquarian its probably good in Vet DW, but I’ve been burnt by it before by the promise of it being good in other decks. It’ll probably be quite some time before I’ll have the cards again, to be able play Vet DW and try things out.



This is a completr sentence