Give me your *MONEY* becks ditches


Got bored again.

Just sumbit your most expensive playable deck.
And give us a reason to roast you.

Enjoy your day.

P.s you wanns do it quick cause stormy is about to get on my ass for the title any minute now.



Wait the Ilena version beats it by a tiny tiny amount.


Added legendaries if you use a sideboard.


Only minions summoned from action bar count towards Trial progress, but minions summoned from anything after Trial completion will do damage.


What, no Zurael? Me disappoint.


I can actually put one i’m playing right now (and just noticed the crazy spirit cost).

I call it - the queen’s rage.


Hey @excogitator, you still got that 39 legendaries deck?


is this for real?


Strangely my fav. deck right now is also the most expensive viable deck i have

*taken from the pool of decks i actually play and that can be used dia+ without getting your *** kicked every single time


(Sorry, I just can’t let go of these opportunities)


Why no general though :frowning:


Yea i forgot - this is ilena’s list


Kinda suspected it from yggdra+iceshatter :stuck_out_tongue:


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