Give in to the MADNESS! (a.k.a. I finally cracked)


Unless you are the one hosting…


Me? I have no fear! I play fun meme decks! No one would crucify me. No one wants to punch my face. Those who are wary, I’d say, are the HEALYOLOSERS up to no good…


Then would you like to host the first 1-game tournament of New Duelyst (the Duelyst that will be left after the servers go down, as Sandbox has no server connections)? I’ll help you with any mods you desire and face you myself.

Together, we can be Q4!


Of course! In all seriousness, I would. Duelyst is legit part of the reason why I “procrastinate”, so much so that I’ll be disconnecting from the internet for a few days so I can get my stuff done. So I’d be pretty sad to see it go, and would partake in any efforts to emulate it elsewhere. Im a tech dummy though, so I’d need guides to do that.


You know this sounds super fun but I think there are things holding me back. For example, I literally can’t download things. Soooooo probably not gonna happen. But I would love to test this if I could.


Is Anjo secretly proficient at coding?


I guess he’s a person of numerous talents by what I’ve already seen.


No you don’t. Create a Parsec account, download their Daemon on your computer, turn on Hosting in Settings, and then tell me your username. As for the “mods,” I’ve told everyone how to do them, and it is not hard. I can either tell you how or do it for you (for a few cards). What cards do you want to change and how? Also, did you get my token mod? That is a good base for cool (OP) Sandbox decks.

Answer me this: To be, or not to be?


That is the question.


'Tis, but what is the answer?


Thanks for the moral support! :sunglasses:


Do be do be do.


That was exactly what I was telling myself this morning.


We are not so different, you and I. Are you a misanthrope too?

It’s time for a mini-lesson on programming!

First of all, you must see that “to be or not to be” is actually two separate questions: “to be?” and “not to be?”. These are yes or no questions, which in programming would be a Boolean type variable (true or false).

In any programming language, the logical operator “or” is written as “||”, and “not” is written as “!”. Variables can be defined and named almost anything… including “to_be”.

Therefore, “to be or not to be” can be written like so: “to_be || !to_be”. Or, if you are using the Python programming language, it can be written even closer to English: “to_be or not to_be”. So that is the question, but what is the answer?

“to_be” can be true or false. “!to_be” will be the opposite of whatever “to_be” is, because that is what “not” does (so if “to_be” is true, “!to_be” will be false, and vice versa). By converting the above question to how the computer reads it, then, we get either “true or false” (if “to_be” is true) or “false or true” (if “to_be” is false). The “or” operator returns true if one of the things it is comparing is true. So, even though we don’t know if “to_be” is true or false, it doesn’t matter; either way the answer is true.


So there you have it. The answer to “to be or not to be” is true, or, if you convert it back to a yes or no question, yes.


Nice nerd joke. Gonna troll my students with it ASAP :wink:

More reading on the issue just in case:


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