Gifting Spirit Orbs


I’ve been wondering if any gifting system had been implemented since one of my friend’s birthday is coming and I’m sure getting orbs would make him happy as he is just starting out.

Thank you for your answers!


Unfortunately not yet :slight_smile: but soon.



Some sort of minor perk for the gifter would be nice and probably encourage more use of this (more $ for the devs!)

Nothing major, even a little gold or spirit or the chance at a card or cosmetic.

I do like the tipping feature already present.


thanks for the info.


I see a couple ways of doing this:

1)Give him money IRL
2)Login to his account somehow and buy orbs for him
3)Fight against him 20 times and tip him every single time. Repeat for more orbs


Friendly games do not allow tipping. :slight_smile: No gold trading.


pray u meet ur friend on ladder


Haha I laughed at the part when I need to find him 20 times on the ladder xD

I’ve thought about these suggestions, it’s just not the way I expected gifting him orbs.


I am sure they will do this. There’s no risk or drawback to it at all, really – I pay $X and get N orbs in my account or I pay $X and get N orbs in a friend’s account.

I do think a small incentive for the gifter would be a nice touch but it’s not essential.


it will be hard to implement this thing i think. Because you can make a lot of accounts and gift all achievement or free orbs to your main account. But it can be avoided if it will be gifted only by buying for your friend with real $


actually I thought this was self explanatory O.o

like in any other f2p game or MMO for that matter, gifting is only via real money transactions (or any rare cases that I may not know about)


I’ve seen it done in other games. It is of course only as I said above: “pay $X and friend Y gets the goodies instead of you”.

The only drawback I could see is people mistakenly entering the wrong name or something. One way to reduce this would be to only allow gifting to someone on your friend’s list, along with a confirmation dialog.


I just not too experienced. I played only 1 game with this feature Infinity Wars


As a long-time LoL player and professional marketer, I feel like this is almost an essential feature. Simply go to the store, or go to your friendslist, click your friend’s name, buy them a thing. I feel like this is an opportunity absolutely dripping in monetary potential.

I have been recommending friends and family left and right to this game and would easily have spent $20 on each person who signed up getting them orbs as gifts, maybe even skins and things - I do hope Duelyst will consider this as a high priority.

SOURCE: Ten years as a professional game marketing expert :slight_smile:


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