Ghoulie: What does he trigger and what doesn't he?


I really like the concept of Ghoulie, but sometimes I just don’t get the guy. Sometimes he procs stuff, sometimes not.
My most recent problem with our friend: Kindred Hunter is on the board, so I play Ghoulie to proc the Bond ability- nada. No Night Howlers for me.
Is this a bug? Am I missing something?


Playing Ghoulie in any deck other than Aggro Vet.

Hold on Frostfire + Ghoulie is neat as hell actually.


Bonds works when the unit is played if there is the appropriate tribe on the field, if ghoulie was out and you played kindered it should work, but not the other way around.


Kindred Hunter’s Bond effect will activate when it’s summoned and there’s a friendly Arcanyst on board. Think of Bond effects as Opening Gambits that only activate in certain situations.


I would’ve assumed the bond would’ve been fulfilled by Ghoulies’ “wildcard” tribe… which I would presume counts as “all tribes” from a logic standpoint.
I think Ghoulie is a neat concept and would love to see another… perhaps Epic or Legendary that does similar so there’s more incentive to play some cross tribe.


Legendaries restrict play testing enough as it is, no need to keep printing too many cards in that rarity.

Ghoulie doesn’t count towards sirrocco count so I’m assuming that it works like this:

Ghoulie gets whatever tribe specific board buff/ability boosts, but is still considered a “minion” by the game so it won’t trigger bond effects


You can’t also get him from cards like Grimes that produce tribal minions. His effect only works when he’s on the board.


Got it! Thanks guys.


We need aggro vanar to be back in action. Shivers, to my call!


acts like any tribe except when you “tutor” or use sirroco, which is technically tutoring.


Aggro Vanar should still be decent but this is more of a meme, also a neat idea for a budget deck.


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