Getting to Gold in a week


A week ago right when the season restarted I decided to make a new account. Testing out how fast I can climb. So I decided to go with an aggro vanar deck and within a week I reached gold with ease. And I believe that aggro vanar is extremely broken due to how fast you end off the game. If any of you have any other suggestions for decks that can climb fast that are budget please tell me.
2x Aspect of Fox
2x Bloodtear
3x Chromatic Cold
3x Crystal Cloaker
3x Flameblood
1x Hailstone
2x maw
3x Primus fist
3x Blaze hound
1x Blistering
3x Cryogenesis
3x Fenrir WM
2x Saberspine T
2x Snowpiercer
2x Sojourner
2x Avalanche
1x Wailing Overdrive


I’m just saying but as long as you have a decent understanding of the mechanics of the game you can climb through Gold with any semi-reasonable deck. Last month I crushed with a Gromar deck, but as soon as I hit Diamond that deck has yet to net me a win. I’m not saying that aggro Vanar is bad(I’ve been crushed by it quite a few times…) but hold off of definitive opinions until you hit higher ranks.

Other good, fast, budget decks would be Mech Kara, Aggromar(Though you need Makantor), and Aggressive-Tempo Argeon.


I was also experimenting with a budget songhai backstab, It got crushed by things like tempo argeon and neutral kara.


Aggro magmar can carry you to mid gold ( or maybe even higher). Well it’s not relly an aggro but the plan is to take the board control early on with skorn and natural selection and keep smashing face with claws, the only downside is that you need memecartor dankbeast. I will upload full list later. Also #teamOnodera


If you think your deck is fast you should see the optimized version of it. Luckily even that is fairly cheap if you replace Jammers with Blazehounds so it shouldn’t be problem to craft it. Anyway, here’s a link to a relevant article.


IME, aggro Vanar is a great way to get to gold. Beyond that, it is entirely reliant on skill and persistence. You are going to lose a LOT of games, and I don’t think Faice is nearly as good now as it was pre-Shimzar, simply because other factions and styles got many new tools in Shimzar and Faice got basically nothing.

I used Faice to get to diamond my first full month, just before Shimzar. As soon as the expansion hit, my win rate with the deck dropped in half and I basically abandoned it. I still try it again from time to time, but it can’t outspeed or outboard the many Songhai decks out there, it can’t deal with strong control and ping damage like Cassy, and it usually runs out of steam before it can finish the opponent off.


So, I’ve made this, and after some testing, it turns out it’s preeeety good (4 wins in a row at 7), the one downside is that it’s not really a budget deck, so I’m currently working on cheaper version, also what do you guys think about this deck despite obvious things like too little on 2-drops and 3 DFrenzy is too many I know I know, I will adjust it later.



Ayyyyy #teamOnodera Do you run the flash rein?


Flash reincarnation is really good with cards like elucidator markantor and sunsteele defender, basicly if you run this you don’t need to have that many 2 drops so yeah it’s preeeety good, if you have it you should include it