Getting out of Silver as Magmar


Hello, I’ve been playing Duelyst for a while, but pretty much just as a casual. I’ve just been having fun playing games, trying to build my deck out based on what kicks my butt and trying to just have fun with weird concept decks that I come up with. I seem to have finally hit on something that works all right given my current collection of cards, but I wanted to ask for some advice on how to adjust and or tighten up this deck list. I had a nice 8 win streak (my highest ever) and made it to silver 13 (also highest rank ever) before getting slapped back down. I’m now sitting at around rank 16. I think this deck has potential, but I’ve never looked around for decklists before, mostly because I wanted to see what I could come up with on my own. But having gotten so close to gold I wanted to change that and start trying to get outside help to tighten everything up in my decklist.

So here’s the deck, basically the goal is to flood the board faster than my opponent can respond. I do ok with this strategy unless I get a messed up opening and can’t swap out into decent options. Higher rank silver decks seem to stomp it though by keeping me from getting the snowball rolling.

Two final notes: I don’t have a lot of spirit on hand as I have a bad habit of crafting cards that I see that are cool and I want to try and work into my concept decks. However I do have a variety of cards from the other factions I don’t play that I’m more than willing to disenchant.

Lastly, I main Magmar and Abyssian and don’t really play other factions very much unless I need to complete a quest. I’ll be making a similar post asking for assistance with my Abyssian deck sometime in the near future. Thanks for any advice and help.


Hmm, that’s the kind of deck I could aim for. At least it sure is better built than mine XD
Here are the things that bug me

  • Why do you have so much wincons ? And Elder is a bit dead after its nerf, so I question its utility.
  • You only have one Azure Horn. Not good for consistency if you ask me.

I’m not a pro at all so take it with a grain of salt but those things could be improved.


I’m not sure what wincon is, can you explain please?

Slithar Elder seems to work out really well for me in the mid/late game. It’s especially hilarious when I get it out on turn 3. I’m not sure what you mean about it being dead, could you explain a bit more? A lot of the players I go against either fail to respond to it fast enough, or simply don’t have the cards to respond to it for whatever reason.

I only have one Azure Horn because it’s the only one I currently have and when I finished with the initial build of this deck it had 39 cards, so it was just thrown in there as an after thought.


A wincon is your win condition. Basically, once you get it, you are supposedly in a situation where you are most likely going to win, so I just guessed all your higher end cards were your wincons.

Well, if it works for you it’s great. It’s just that he got nerfed by losing -2/-2 . About everyone stopped playing him :laughing: OFC it’s a good card, but it’s cost is a bit high.

I guess you could keep the Azure Horn but I suggest you craft more. It can be useful after all to buff your units that have been Kujata’d.


I only play Vaath, but Magmar is my most played class by far. Most of my advice should be pretty relevant, but I have no Starhorn experience.

Thumping Wave is an extremely good card. Especially if you have a lot of potential minions on board for it to target. You can also use it as removal if you have no other option.

Makantor + Thumping Wave= 9 Mana, 9 damage, rush, frenzy. AKA:Destroy at least 1 minion and deal 9 damage to the enemy general. Leave a 3/3 Battlepet nearby the enemy general.

Mogwai and Grimrock are both below average cards. I would reccomend taking those out for Thumping wave. I am pretty sure that they are rare(100 Spirit I think) so they shouldn’t be too hard to craft.

A 3rd mandrake might be nice also, and every Magmar deck should have 3x Makantor Warbeast IMO.

I really like Silithar Elder and Pandora, but I don’t think they fit in your deck so well. Usually Starhorn is more of an aggressive pumping out tons of minions out playstyle, but both of these legendaries are slow, but generate tons of value over time. Other legendaries(more immediate effect) might be better.


Thanks for the advice BlankTrack I’ll definitely check out those suggestions.

Mogwai’s in there mostly for the help with getting more cards, nothing else. I don’t have a lot of other cards to help me draw more I have like 1x SpellJammer and a few blazehounds but that’s about it. It is a one off though so I doubt removing it will make a huge difference.


No. Its definitely not. Its way more dangerous than it was before, because the pressure it produces especially when flashed out is much bigger. The statnerf hurt but it was reasonable.


Well, as I said, I’m still a noob :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t get how it’s more dangerous, it’s still weaker, right ?


Duelyst is a very fast-paced game. Old elder was slow as fuck and even though one of the best if not the best value generator in the game, it rarely did anything since games ended by the time a second elder hatched, and it never ever got past the point of 2 elders. With the rebirth change it has become much faster, and especially in conjunction with kujata and flash it can end games by itself. New elder fits the meta far better.

An example:
Old elder was like:
T1: Play elder and spawn an egg
T2: Opponent can react to it
T3: You have an elder and an egg, elder spawns a second egg at the end of your turn
T4: Opponent has to deal with 2 Elders and a egg
T5: you get to attack with both elders

New elder is:
T1: Play elder and spawn egg
T2: Opponent can react to it
T3: You have 2 Elders that can attack

As you can see, new elder is 2 turns faster.


Ah, yes, I understand better now. I didn’t take into account the egg change, my bad.


Oh btw as far as the deck is concerned:

This doesn’t fit your original concept of ramping up and you might not have the spirit to craft it, i am still leaving it here, because i am having mad success with this in diamond (20-3 currently, might even reach S this season which i usually don’t because i am too bad and don’t wanna grind 500 games) and its not too expensive, this basically is standard Midrange Magmar, could be something to aim for.

This is how I’d build a ramp deck with your ressources more or less, cards to look out for might be khymer (its an actual good card in rampmar), keeper of the vale and Kron. Keeper would require a more specific deck setup though.


Cassador- Hey thanks! That deck list looks pretty good. I would need to craft the Krons, 2 Dioltas, the Earth Sisters and a Makanator to achieve it, I’ve got everything else. Are the Earth Sisters really integral? I have no idea how many more rares I would have to craft to unlock them, I wish there was a way to check which I have left to do…


Earth Sisters are pretty important yeah. You need 3 Copies of Egg Morph, Spirit Harvester, unstable leviathan, elucidator, flash reincarnation and kinetic equilibrum to unlock her. You can check the Sisters requirements by typing ‘core rare’ into the search bar in the collection screen.