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Getting married and coming back


after getting married and figuring that my time frame is too narrow for real games (beside sekiro in a few weeks), and taking off for more then usual i do miss this game and the ice monsters i left behind.

so i’m coming back not actually waiting for anything or any new staff, just harassing you with versions of decks you never knew might get too high.


When did you get married :revolving_hearts:?



Welcome back. I’ve actually been enjoying some good games lately like Nino Kuni 2, MGS V, Bloodborne (replaying) and I hope to play Dragon Quest (my favorite game series ever) XI and Sekiro in the future (like 1-2 years actually when they drop to 20 dollars cause I’m cheap).


i don’t have much time to put into games but sekiro seems like the kind of game i’ll have to play - it seems just awesome


last month:)

ty man


Awwwwwww! I hope your lives are filled with great adventure, sweet memories, and many moments of peaceful bliss. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And you are always welcome.


Congrats! Looking forward to see what you’ll put together :slight_smile:




woaaah congrats dud


Congrats, bro!

Now you take her to the cold lands of Vanar, yeah?


I’m eager to see the new Snowshot creations!

Congratulations on your wedding.

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