Getting cards from the forum


this is an idea. getting the cards versions of the forum badges. so if you for example won hamon blade seeker for being one of the top 25% posters for the month, you gain the card in your duelyst account. it is an idea to help new players to get more into the forums and to help them get more cards. what do you guys think?

  • people would abuse the system to get free cards which would result in the forums being a shithole
  • even if it was to happen the entire system would have to be reworked with a lot of thought put into it
  • the basic idea behind the system is flawed as new players and players in general want to earn rewards for the game by actually playing it, and not spending lots of their time on the forums
  • the game is already generous enough as it is

Just no. There’s so much wrong with this concept. I guess it could work if you rewarded just few cards to the people who register and make few posts or something, it could even work on the opposite end of the spectrum where frequent posters are awarded with a skin or an emote but anything more than that surely wouldn’t end well.