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General power levels?


I know that this will vary according to rank and player opinions, so perhaps I should ask in a more specific way:

Hello consistent Diamond and S-Rank players, currently, what do the tiers look like in Diamond and S for Generals? Is there a mostly agreed-upon power level consensus when it comes to Generals in the higher ranks?

I considered asking about Factions first, but I understand Faie is not in the same league as Ilena and Zirix is not in the same league as Ciph, for instance.


Meta still kinda feels like it’s in flux, at least for me.

Ragnora is king currently, but only because he’s the best General for Wanderer.


This is the power ranking of the generals that I play:

Golem Combo Ragnora
Titan Strategos Brome
Nose Ciphyron
Wanderer Ragnora
Wanderer Reva
Healyonar Zir’an
Bigstuff Lilith
Tempo Xuul Maehv
Combo Faie


Tempo Xuul? With Cass or Maehv?


I was wondering about this as well. Tempo can’t possibly be accurate as the only sacrifice spells that aren’t tempo negative are Maehv’s BBS and DFS. Curious idea


You could also call it “highly optimized in the fastest possible way” Xuul. Tempo only means speedy here.


Tempo xorxull isnt really a deck imo.
Either go full tenpo with azure shaman and crypto or go with xorxull build with not good tempo cards lik aphotic drain, gor and sarlac etc. ive tested this. Of course you could stick xor in a tempo deck, but that just means when he comes down itll be too late and either the mythron player has a heavy board and wanderer buff, ascension, etc, or the aggro player has already smashed in your face.

Fault zirix looks to be one of if not the best deck of the meta rn imo

Also ice age + wake or wake decks in general are also pretty scary rn. Even with emp, after its nerf people are less inclined to play it despite it still being strong, just because “it was nerfed”. Wake is just a crazy deck imo, vanars control tools may have gotten weaker, but g wells, bear and fox aspects are still real powerful.


The battle prowess of the generals, in regards to what was seen in the lore, would be as follows:

  • Starhorn
  • Faie
  • Reva - Cassyva (both before and after her “death”)
  • Vaath
  • Kara
  • Argeon
  • Zirix
  • Lilith
  • Sajj
  • Kaleos
  • Zir’an :arrow_down:
  • Zir :arrow_up:
  • All of the other generals

Keep in mind that this is only based on what we’ve seen in the lore.


Ooh this is interesting. In what chapter(s) in the lore can i find this information?. Because I don’t remember reading about this.


Draco and Unopro finished 1 and 2 with Wanderer Reva last month ,AlphaCentry is doing fairly well with Aggro Reva.I wouldn’t crown Rag king or declare him the best Wanderer.It is real competition for the top.And also Fault Vet is running.

1.Fault Zirix/Wanderer Rag and Reva
2.Aggro Reva/Combo Rag/ Burn Starhorn

I comfortable with that ranking Mid Range,Kaelos,Strategos Brome,Lurk Fear Maehv,Wanderer Brome,“Burn” Ziran are all pretty solid too


I don’t consider top of S very competitive or very meta defining. I haven’t seen a Wanderer deck that performs better than Ragnora, personal opinion.

I agree with your deck calls, I think Strategos and Tempo Ziran are pretty top tier right now, followed by Midrange Kaleos and then followed by probably Creep? Or Reva. Lurking Maehv seems decent but often out powered by other decks, I’d put it mid or low on my list.


when it comes to wanderer, in my opinion reva is slightly favoured into rag, rag is slightly favoured into brome, and brome is slightly favoured into reva. as for how they matchup against the rest of the field I would probably agree that rag probably does the best as he is the most aggresive and so the hardest to counter, follwed by reva and then brome. The rest of the meta is super open imo, fault is overrated imo but still good and there are a bunch of competetive decks out there.


Starhorn - Codex Chapter 9: The first Senerai

  • Starhorn manages to best even Aestaris elite Vanar, second only to the other 6 “Stars,” and establishes his position within the Senarai.

Faie - Newly released lore by D S Wadeson “Pt. 4 Nature, Nurtured”

  • Faie manages to beat the alphas and great spirits of the Mountains, proving her strength and earning the title of Ur-Alpha

Reva (Card Lore: Reva Eventide :1, Pheonix Fire, and Reva MKII skin) = Cassyva (Codex Chapter 5, Chapter 27, Chapter 33)

  • Revas MKII skin reveals that she had merged with the Spirit Dragon, one of the most powerful spirits. She is also seen beating a group of Songhai warriors. I’m assuming that to be considered warriors in the treacherous lands of Xenkai is a notable feat.
  • Cassyva, before she was ripped to shreds by the Inyxkree, was one of Akrams best fighters (?), distinguished by her astounding melee skills as well as the teachings of the seclusive Chakri Avatars. She and her sisters were also able to fight their way past the crystal enhanced, Vermillion League after failing to assasinate Draug. The Inixkree were already known as the apex predators of Shar, but after consuming Cassyva and her sisters they are now able to incorporate that battle prowess as well as their own inherent powers to make themselves even more lethal than before. Cassyva was also revealed to have inheirited power from the Weeping Tree from her grandmother who had sampled it’s sap.

Vaath - Codex Chapter 29, D S Wadeson “Pt. 4: A Timely Visitation” and "Makantor Warbeast

  • Vaath was able to rally a force which was able to repel Draug’s Invasion of Maagari, a feat accomplished by no other force. He also headbutted the mighty Kara to the ground and survived his efforts of riding one of the mighty Makantor warbeasts (Albeit, his recovery was a lengthy one).

Kara - D S Wadeson “Pt.3: A Parting”

  • Kara slashes her way through the feral beasts with ease, her mighty form inspiring the people and turning the tide of battle in favor of the Vanar. manages to incapacitate both sides.

Argeon - Card Lore Martyrdom: “The Fourth Knight”

  • Argeon withstands the might of the Spiral Technique even when all else falls. Less of a testament of strength and more of endurance.

Zirix - Card Lore Staff of Y’kir

  • Zirix’s counterpart is seen arriving from a devastated battlefield with nought but a rent in his sandshield.

Lillith - Card Lore Breath of the Unborn: The Unborn Mist

  • Lillith blows away her pursuers.

Zir - D S Wadeson “Grandmaster Zir” and “Pt.3: Journey to Celadine”

  • Mighty Zir tames a wild cat and watches out for his daughter.

Zir’an - D S Wadeson “Pt.3: Journey to Celadine”

  • Zir’an defends her right as an independent woman and becomes a high ranking general in the process.

Zirix implies that Sajj will receive combat training in Card Lore: Entropic Decay and Kaleos was prophesied to one day rule over Xenkai in Card Lore: Phoenix Fire. Other than that, there is not enough lore to include them or the other generals in the listing.


Wow, friend! That is some research you have compiled there…:sunglasses:


Mk3 vaath riding Makantor…dreams never die


Wow thank you very much for this. Really appreciate it. I forgot that cards also come with stories.


Vaath riding makantor? Idk, he seems too big for makantor to handle. He would look like tiny tiger in crash bash.


This is definitely my favorite piece of Doolist lore :stuck_out_tongue:


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