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All details and rules: https://battlefy.com/gauntlet-throwdown/gauntlet-throwdown-3/5c02104f1928bc03caa148f4/info?infoTab=details


Nice! I see that the dogehai skin has surfaced.


I know of at least… 2 people who would be annoyed that the dogehai/rogue arleg are up for grabs again


Yes once again the “exclusive” kickstarter perks are up for grabs. Just underlines how misleading the original KS campaign was.


glad to see a positive comment :slight_smile: We’re way past the point of being protective of assets that only catered to people who happened to see the game’s kickstarters page when it came out imo.

What about the ones that stuck around until now? I feel that’s just as indicative as far as love for the game goes.

I know its a big prize to offer, I plan to run a big event for it.


I am with @tacticalgmr here. It has been what? 4,5 years since the kickstarter? And 3,5 years since the game can be played in beta?

At some point you can give these prizes to a wider audience without them losing their value. And to be honest 1 more Rogue Legacy or Dogehai skin isn’t really an inflationary giveaway.

I am super happy about the tournament! Will Hsuku win this one again? :smiley:


lmao i remember causing a shitstorm because i asked how i’m supposed to get this skin



Banning Reva, Ragnora and Faie :+1:

A question though:
Do we need to screenshare the whole draft of the deck and how will that be done exactly?
I can understand the reasoning, it just seems rather complicated and I hope it won’t drive away any participants.


What if we draft Reva, Ragnora, and Faie? :thonk:


I was asking myself the same question, i send an email to the official referre, if i got an anwser i’ll tell you. I hope we won’t have to send 31 screenshots ! ^^


I believe it’s screenshare not screenshot. You’ll use discord or some other streaming method to share your screen with Tactical and that’s how you’ll draft your deck.


My bad, i just read it again !

So it’s going to be my first tounrament, the tactical gmr will have to watch every registered player creating their decks ?


ill have to watch the drafts happening yes :slight_smile:


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