Gauntlet Rewards For Beginners?


Honestly I just wanted to know if this mode is of any use for the beginners from profit perspective?
What booster type will I get at the end (is it always from last set?)
If I will possibly be getting 2.5 wins average would it be worthy? Is it possible to get that average without complete understanding of the game and knowing all cards?..

Wiki doesn’t have info about rewards, except u get 150 gold return when u reach 7 wins


Some people have told me that it’s worth it if you can win 3 matches, on average.

Regardless, it teaches you the game and cards really well, I think it’s fine, but it helps to have some experience with this type of games of course.


Just wait for a while before jumping in gauntlet. Three wins is fine, but there are some good players in it. I recommend practising a bit first.

The wiki being lacklustre is something I also noticed, I would like to organise efforts to improve it. I will post on the forum if I manage to find more time.


And what about booster type?.. which set is given?
For beginner players basic set is much more valuable than new sets, meaning if they always give Shimzar booster in gauntlet than I shouldn’t play it at all?


I could not give you a difinitive answer to the spirit orb, as with less than 7 wins I got a shimzar orb, but when I finished a 8-9 win gauntlet I got a regular orb. It may be based on wins or be completely random, however I can confirm that at the least your rewarded a core spirit orb at some point.


I think it’s random


You get a random orb no matter how many wins and at 3 wins you should get enough gold/spirit to compensate you with the extra 50 gold paid for the ticket. However I don’t feel it’s actually worthwhile until you reach 7 wins where you get a free ticket given the time invested. You start getting free cards as well at that point and more wins give you a higher chance for epics/legendaries imo. I got a heartseeker, sworn avenger, and some other junk rare yesterday at 12 wins so it’s pretty random though.


Besides the points mentioned above, playing Gauntlet can be a good way to complete faction quests of factions you don’t want to play on ladder because you’re missing cards.


I used to think Gauntlet was a great place for new players. I don’t any longer.

The priority as a new player is to learn the cards, factions, and how to play the game (card selection, placement, trading, managing general’s health). You can do that most easily with a cohesive deck with which you are familiar. Trying to do it with a weird deck comprised of oddball cards you’ve never used before is a recipe for frustration.

The only exception I’d make is if you already are very familiar with this sort of mode from HS or whatever.


Nice, thanks for explanations!
So its more effective and safe to simply buy boosters until you understand all general tactics / know cards. That’s what I will do then ;p


i have collected data on my gauntlet run rewards since a few months, you can find the raw data here, haven’t done things like average calculations or something like that…


nice numbers thanks! but its 7.8 average wins I dont think i can get close to that…

Still so random, I see with 2 wins you just get the same as you just buy booster from shop;
With 5(!!) wins you sometimes get only 10 gold more - and sometimes additional 60 spirit bonus, strange

So obviously, if I can’t reach 5 wins (or barely can) then usual games is much more profitable time investment


i’ve updated the spreadsheat with averages now ^^

i did not include card rewards, but i think 3+ wins it’s another random card, 7+ it’s 2 and 11+ you get 3 random cards in addition.

but yeah, gauntlet is only really profitable when you can consistently get over 7 wins, because at that point you get your whole investment back (gauntlet ticket) + other rewards.

but you break even at 3 wins with the gold, spirit and orb rewards.


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