Gauntlet - max number of wins


So I was 8-2 on a gauntlet run…
I won my next game, and then it ended…
It gave me my rewards as if I had lost 3 times

I thought it went to 12 wins? did they change it?
thanks in advance!


I also got a really disappointing card… Dust Walker - which I already have
Reallllll let down

I thought you won a rare card or something


with old mechanic of shadow creep can win 10 in a raw, but after loose 3 in a raw)))


So you can win more than 9? what I’m saying, is that I won 9, and then ended - prizes given.
9 - 2


try to report it as a bug, gauntlet wins go up to 12.


in last season arena have some more bugs, i write to support and thy give me 150 gold, but i dont see u bug. write to support and they help u


right, how do I report it as a bug?


Post it in the Technical Support forum :slight_smile:


You can either post in the Technical Support forum section, like Aeruniel says, or you can submit a bug report through the options menu in Duelyst.

Gauntlet is supposed to go up to 12 wins or 3 losses, so I’d recommend submitting a ticket.

Going to close thread since the question has been answered by others and myself.