Gauntlet help... Please! :D


Ok, than today I bought Gauntlet ticket instead of Spirit orb.
So, some tips for taking faction and cards? :smile:


Faie is considered the best choice, because she has a lot of cheap removal (Aspect of the Fox, Altered Beast, Cryogenesis), a strong BBS and some common/basic highly aggressive cards (Wailing Overdrive, Snowpiercer). Other good choices are Argeon (strong minions) and Reva (Ranged minions with Killing Edge). In general, try to draft a good curve (at least 7 2drops, 5 4drops, 5 5+drops). If you want a detailed introduction to the Gauntlet, take a look at Zelda’s Gauntlet guide.


It is also worth noting that your first runs in Guantlet are probably going to go badly till you get better at drafting and playing with and against uncommon cards. If you enjoy the format though stick with it and you will start getting better and better.


good luck with your run! i can’t really add more too what the other two said. use zelda’s guide or if you prefer a video version, watch my guide:


In my experience, I like to go Argeon Lyonar in gauntlet for a few reasons:

1.) Decent removal
2.) Best early game minions (azurite lion, windblade adept, sun wisp)
3.) Fairly good win condition (divine bond, which not only had synergy with most gentler minions, but is a common/basic card, making it easier to draft)
4.) BBS help trading with weaker minions and with burst (especially with celerity)

Of course, their may be better gauntlet options, but I have consistently gotten +7 wins with good old Argeon :smile:.


This season’s win rates of tracked players might also help with the general choice:

Reva is the Gauntlet queen, especially now after Cryo/Skorn nerfs. You should look for a combination of ranged minions, buffs for them (mainly Killing Edge) and solid curve minions such as Hailstone Golem. Provokes are also premium, they slow down the opponent and let you develop Heartseekers in the back. I’ve over 80% WR with her and I believe I went 7- (6) only once, losing twice to better Reva decks.

Faie is probably the safest pick, her decks are high quality on average because of all the common removal cards, you’re likely to get offered 2-3 at least. Her BBS is powerful and kind of dictates the tactic - try to tempo out your opponent in the early game (so you need a bunch of low drops) and finish off your opponent in the late game, often together with preventing them from damaging you by moving your general away and blocking the path.

Argeon, from my experience, can draft either insane tempo decks (thanks to cards like Windblade Adept or Silverguard Knight) or shitty heavy curve decks that get “outtempoed” by almost everything, especially if you don’t get any Tempests.

Lilithe is underrated IMO, you can draft insane decks for her too, of course swarm based. Too bad most of the great picks are Rare+ (Bloodmoon Priestess, Shadowdancer, Void Steal, Spectral Revenant, etc.) and the Abyssian faction misses a good AoE card after Nova nerf.

Vaath can be dangerous but lacks ways of killing remote targets, so try to pick as many Natural Selections and Thumping Waves as you can, Plasma Storms are quite nice to see too. Of course you should stick close to your opponents, unless you’re very low on health.

Vetruvian generals are not really worth picking since they have even less remote answers than the Magmar faction. Neither the rest (secondary generals) because their BBSes suck or have not many/too rare synergies.


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