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Gauntlet Exploit Or Serious Bug -- turns a win into a loss



On 9/26 around 12:30 I played a game of gauntlet as lyonar vs another lyonar player by the name of “theshaftbastard.” The game was long and ended with me buffing a saberspine tiger to finish him off for 11 damage. After the game he sent me a friend request which I accepted. He did not contact me through the in game chat system. I immediately queued up for another game which I lost. At the guantlet queue screen I noticed I had an extra loss. Confused, I looked at my match history and saw my match with “theshaftbastard” was recorded as a loss. I checked the replay and it shows me conceding on my first turn. I’m guessing this is an exploit? Or a really frustrating bug. Help!

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[intel i5 2500k /amd radeon HD 7800/8g ram]

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[Bug]Gauntlet - Opponent Concedes and I get a loss