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Gauntlet doesn't work anymore



After my last gauntlet match it doesn’t work anymore.
When I click on Gauntlet the new screen opens up, but I see only the background,
no interface, nothing else. Restarting the client several times didnt help.

Operating System:

Win 10

System Specs:

i5 cpu, 8GB Ram, GTX 970


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:


Can you try reinstalling? There is a clear download cache button in the installer that will allow you to re-install.


I did, it did not help.


Same issue here, played gauntlet game, stuck on that page; can still play ranked and stuff. tried playing a game and switching again.

AMD 7870 HD, windows 10 latest driver.


Blood Taura breaks gauntlet. Fixing now gang.


Should be fixed. Your existing gauntlet run is resigned and you should have received a FREE gauntlet ticket to compensate for the issue.


I am also having the same issue.


That sounds like the problem given that I drafted a Blood Taura and it didn’t show up in the deck list;
Gauntlet is still bugged tho, tried reinstalling/playing a game.
Alternatively, would there be a way to keep the list? I was looking forward to playing it; it was a nice list.


There is nothing reset here. Trying reinstall right now…


Still stuck after reinstall…


So what’s happening now? You won’t let it stay like that, will you?


Looking into it.


should be resolved


yes works! thanks