Gauntlet Advice, Xaan warrented here?


So I just drafted up this team for a songhai gauntlet run. I know Reva is great and almost always the right pick, but: 6 backstab minions, 3 mist dragon seals, 2 inner focus, and no buffs to give heartseekers anyway. This is a Xaan pick if ever, atw2thebank, right?



I feel like the inner focus and lack of buffs makes this an obvious choice now. I could be wrong :neutral_face:
would appreciate feedback though, or thoughts on whereabout the line is when it comes to choosing the teleprots over Reva.


Based on your overall list, it looks like Kaleos could be a good choice. However, Reva’s heart seekers just put a lot is pressure on opponents in gauntlet, and are more versatile in both the late game and for 1 mana inner focus targets. Mist dragon seal also further helps your 6 backstab minions, making it easier for Reva to use them.


i don’t think you should go for xaan even in such a deck.

your MDS basically make the blink unneccessary. your enemy can’t play around MDS because they can’t know if you have any or not. they do know if and when you have your bloodborn spell though.

on the other hand imagine a situation where both you and your opponent have no board and are topdecking. would you rather play the card you got and then ANOTHER minion that’s ranged, or play a minion and… move him around?


Kaido and Viper don’t really count for blink imo. One is just going to act as a 2 drop most of the time and another has flying. Thus the only real value for blink is with katara and gorehorn. The owlbeasts benefit more from getting a heartseeker, most of your other minions are backliners, and you also have a bunch of MDS.

Free ranged 1/1 s are just so much stronger than blink imo and the few backstabbers don’t seem sufficient to warrant Kaleos.


Thanks for the advice guys, all valid points to take to heart. My thinking was the MDS’s would work in conjunction nicely with the BBS from an opening of flooding the board with cheap backstabs and picking up momentum with some free trades. The topdeck scenario really highlights the difference well though.

So I went with the pretty scorpion lady and went 7, happy with that :slight_smile:


grats! i think we faced each other the other day, can’t remember the result though…


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