Gauj + Flash Reincarnation Interaction


So… Just played against a Magmar running the new legendary (Quartermaster Gauj). He was able to accelerate it out via FR. Is this meant to be the interaction? FR is a spell, why would Gauj not just die??? If FR stated, “Your general deals two damange to the next minion…”, I would understand, but it seems like the spell is the thing doing damage, no?


Yea, Flash’s text is misleading, but it works as if it’s your General doing the damage… For instance, if you has equipped artifacts like Winterblade through Grincher, when you use Flash your minion gets stunned…


Lol that’s hilarious that means you can also get free wraithlings from the abyssian artifact and with a hex blade you would reduce your own minions health


You could summon free fireblood obelysks


so if you have spinecleaver on, and the minion dies by flash, you would create totems that would hit yourself? or free enemy totems? xD


It shouldn’t, since Spinecleaver specifically said enemy minions.


Somebody with the sandbox MOD should test this out.

Personally, I am wondering if it would make a totem that you own instead of your opponent.


I used quartermaster in my Mag deck last night he doesn’t take damage from flash or Kujata since both are not spell damage flash is ur general damaging the minion since the general attack animation trigger once used and Kujata is the one damaging the minion too also it doesn’t matter how many Kujatas you have he still take 0 damage which make him better than forcefield in that situation


Sure, but Kujata makes sense because it’s a minion. The spell isn’t a general and it doesn’t specifically state that the general is the one that does the damage. It should be assumed that the spell is the one doing the damage unless specified. To be honest, if he is doing damage, he should be taking damage from said minion.