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Game stuck and you can't do anything



The game is stuck all of sudden you can still send emotes but I cannot do anything else details description of the bug on the bug report detail.

I have the problem once in a while and this is the first time I get it since the new patch, so it might be hard to reproduce, it does not happened very often, got in 4 time (in one month) so far but it is absolutely game breaking.

I play the game in France, i never had the problem before , it might be because I play on browser since one month ( client laggy as hell see the other bug report for more information).

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:

Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2ghz/3.2ghz
NVIDIA geforce GT 730M
4 GB DDR3 memory


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. play a game of Duelsyt like a normal human being on the browser
  2. pass your turn
  3. Your opponent does nothing for a long moment,(the game is stucked but you can still send emotes and chat)
  4. the timer appear on your colour (nothing happens other than this)
  5. Wait again the timer appear on your colour once again but super fast this time (nothing happens other than that)
  6. The game is stucked.
  7. You have to close the game and when you log back the match is a loss , watch the replay after the bug you just don’t do anything until your opponent beat you to death , the only thing I can do is send emotes.


We’re going to work on a re-sync system for connections with lots of packet loss.

Are you able to play other games fine or is this a common problem on your connection?


Sometimes I have short disconnection like everyone I guess, but nothing significant.

The thing is, I have this problem since one month , it might be related to the fact that I started playing on browser rather than the client.