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Game stuck and reconstructing battle screen prevent me from playing the game at all



Play a game of gauntlet win it, and then instead of seeing the end match screen , I have the loading little dude running with the board in the back , then I told myself “seems like the game I froze I am just going to restart the game since I have already won what could possibly go wrong?” and when I restart the game I have directly this screen:

There is no arrow to go back or anything else I am just stuck here like an asshole , I can’t even play the game anymore.

I play on Browser in France.( first time getting this bug). BTW I am really starting to get tired of those bugs all over the place , it is already the third technical report I am sending on this forum ans this one is the worst since it is preventing me from playing the game at all.

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:

Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2ghz/3.2ghz
NVIDIA geforce GT 730M
4 GB DDR3 memory


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. … win a game of duelyst
  2. … game will stuck with the little dude running
  3. … relaunch the game to get stuck again on the reconstructing battle screen


This is a server-wide issue and hopefully CP is working to resolve this issue


ok good to know, hope they will solve the issue quickly.


Looks like the game is not stuck anymore however my game has been counted as a draw (notified as a defeat) or it was a victory for me (proof replay thorrk vs offler)


nevermind I got the bug right after


We had a job processor outage last night causing end-of-game processing to go off the cliff. It should be resolved. Sorry for the bad games :frowning:

Thanks for reporting!


It seems to work now thanks