Game pseudo-freezes


Hello, I’ve had this technical issue for about two weeks now, and the game has been quite unplayable since.

In the middle of a game, it kinda freezes. I can still interract with my hand/board but no animation is triggered, so the game stands still, but my actions still have “invisible” impact. If I replace the card just disapears, if I wait until my next turn (the time-bar is functionnal but there’s no “enemy turn” showing) the cards in my hand are grey, and if I attempt to make a play, I can see where I can or cannot play my card on the board, which hints me on what has been played (if I hover on a case I see empty but where something has been moved to, it triggers the light animation over the said minion where I see it). I can’t concede, although I’m pretty sure it ends the game for my opponent.

My only solution is to Alt-F4 and relauch the game quickly enough to catch up on the game. It happens 1 or 2 times per game.
Please tell me somebody has an idea on what’s going on


Hi we are sorry to hear that. Can you send us a support ticket into