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Game not responding while having strong internet


My game does not respond after my windows update 30minutes ago. I managed to start a gauntlet run and almost win it before my cilent stopped responding. Now I can’t even open up the cilent without it freezing.

Please take away my loss, I was hoping it would be my first 7 win run in gauntlet! I see there is replays for high tier players, any chance the game automatically records games so I can prove it?

Windows 10

Here is my build.
Here is my internet speed right now

I made a youtube post of the game not responding on me. This is one of the better attempts, half the time i can’t get through the main menu because it froze on me.

Game Client: Steam

Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Download Windows 10
  2. Update Windows 10
  3. Open with Steam


A person on reddit suggested I use the cilent downloaded from the website instead of steam… Doing that fixed my problem in case anyone else was having similar problems…