Game is figuratively unplayable


What kind of visual feedback is this? What is this madness? Why is color of the number and outline of the circle red instead of green when healing? Sure, there are those pluses that imply the healing is being done but I wasn’t even aware of it’s existence until today when I took this screenshot. Talking of which, I also didn’t even notice the shield icon that appears when damage is being taken.

Is it only my eyes being all messed up or did you too not notice it? Does it not bother you how healing isn’t represented in the appropriate color? If so, do you think such oversight in the UI is acceptable or is it just a minor annoyance, if that?



The pluses clarify when you are healing. The shield icon refers to the shield value of each characters, to indicate that it went down. Red is the color that health is associated with.

Using the colors green and red would not work for the most common form of colorblindness anyways.

There is no issue here as far as I can see. The UI is fine.


It’s weird… I agree.
Attack alterations I’m almost certain are yellow, it would make more sense if all healing was green indeed and all damage red.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but is this a sarcastic attempt to poke fun at all the nerf and change threads that pop up everyday or am I reading too hard into this ?


You’re reading too hard into it. It’s a serious topic presented in a not-so-serious way.


Alright thank you, sorry to change the course of the matter at hand. Don’t really have much to say about this so you guys can go on.


I think cpg should have different priorites than implementing your non game changing ideas into the game just to make you happy.


But I’m not asking for anything. After playing the game for a fairly long time, I just noticed this specific part of the UI being a bit weird in my opinion and I’m wondering what other people think of it. It’s a fact how the game’s UI isn’t as good as it can be and could use some improvements, this is just a small example of what I perceive to be one of it’s issues, it’s a minor one but still.


I look at it in a fairly simple way. Hp went up? Heal. Hp went down? Damage. Does it need to go beyond that?


Gotta love these bait click threads.


I mean green should not be good. I noticed that shield and pluses when I started to play and now I dont care about that. I mean you know when your general is healed and when he/she takes DMG.
But it is only my opinion… :slight_smile:


I think it’s fine as it is, the healing animation makes it clear enough that you got healed. Same for damage. If it bothers you that much, you can just recolor the animation for your game.


Ok where it comes with weird things I think that opening gambit effect of Dust Wailer is irritating. I should say the lack of that effect. It should be something like blast. Maybe then that card would be good.


I’m afraid your point here is moot.

Right now, both colors are red with two UI element feedback for UX: audio and iconography. For folks with the type of color blindness that would make green indistinguishable from red, changing the healing color to green would go unnoticed. For other types of color blindness, the colors may be distinguishable enough to add a third UI element feedback for UX.

Changing the healing color to something other than red is now on my nice-to-have QOL list. The change is otherwise a big MEH from me as I don’t have an issue with how it works now.



definitely makes the game unplayable…


Never bothered me for a second. One doesn’t need to be an S-rank player to know when something is healed.

Though I totally hate how the damage indicator obscures the target’s animation when getting hit. Since I realized all the graphics are just .png files on my HD, my first task at every patch is to replace that particular element by an empty file.

I should check if simply deleting it also works.


Going to agree with this one. The in-game UI definitely needs some more TLC. Does anyone else think the bubbles for A/H are a tad bothersome? It could easily be stylized into a nice little block underneath the sprites (very few sprites are large enough to protrude.)

Speaking of which, as someone who really loved scrolls (the stylized box UI reminded me;) why isn’t movement a unit stat in Duelyst? Like, for real. How many units could simply be balanced by only getting to move a single space, or by their ability to move 3 spaces? I kindof get that Generals should all have the same number of movements without assistance from BBS/Artifact/Units- but the game lacks an element of something that feels fast other than the t4 bursty combo kills. Where a group of units that move 3 spaces would simply have the flavor of being fast.

:stuck_out_tongue: That’s probably a bad idea anyways, because CPG would make Vet the home of most of the move 1 units (even though Flying is a Vet trick), and give Songhai most of the Move 3s because if there’s a mechanic and Songhai doesn’t get all of the most powerful stuff in it, are we even playing Duelyst? (Just a little salty teasing, but while in good humor- it seems like the easiest mistake that CPG would make with something like that.)


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