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Game freezing due to lag. (Mac)



As often as every other game, I will perform an action (play a card, queue an attack) and the game will lock me out of actions. I believe this is due to a brief internet disconnect (about 1 sec) and then the client failing to register my commands. When the game freezes, I can browse the internet perfectly fine and even see my opponents cursor move around the board. Some of the time I reconnect and am able to move, other times my turn times out and then the game procedes normally.

Operating System:


System Specs:

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13in., Mid 2014)
Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel Iris 1536 MB


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Me playing a game.
  2. Queue a command
  3. Get locked out of issuing any commands for rest of turn.

Here’s an example of it happening on the first turn:

I replace regalia, but it just locks out and I can’t do anything. I checked my internet connectivity and it’s perfectly fine.

I submitted a bug report a while ago about this, but no response.

Temporary fix: exit game and log back in to force a reconnect.

Browser: Game freeze

What’s your Geographic location?


U.S. West Coast


What’s the frequency of this issue? For example: 1 in 10 games?


Every other game, this freeze happens at some point. This is probably due to internet connectivity issues, so the problem would be how the client reconnects to the internet since I can browse fine.


This happens to me too, also on Mac. I submitted a support ticket a few weeks ago, got a reply saying it was likely an issue with alt-tabbing (command-tabbing).

I have since then tried a few times where I definitely did not alt-tab out of the game and I still have this issue. Very annoying when I lose Gauntlet runs due to this.


Thanks for reporting guys, we’ll implement a force re-sync in case of disconnects.

Let me understand the symptoms:

  • You can emote.
  • You can see opponent moves.
  • you can not submit your own moves.

Does above sound correct?

  • I can emote, not sure if opponent sees it.
  • The reconnect often happens after my turn times out, then I see my opponent moves as normal. Sometimes when I cannot submit my own moves, I see my opponent’s cursor move around the board.
  • During the disconnect, I cannot submit any moves.


IMPORTANT: Does the REPLAY of your game show the emotes or any of your moves?


Yes, I emoted twice with a 5 second break in between during a freeze and the replay showed a pause, then 1 emote -> moves. So no delay in the 2 different emotes in the replay.


So the replay showed the emotes but not the moves? If so that helps us narrow this down.

If you can confirm the above, we’ll add some instrumentation to log this issue in the upcoming patch and we’ll figure out how to fix.


The replay does show the moves.

When playing a game, I freeze for say 10 seconds, during which I emoted 3 seconds in and 8 seconds in. After 10 seconds, I unfreeze, then queue moves as normal.

In the replay (real time on, 1x speed), I see a freeze for a few seconds (not necessarily 10 because replay seems a bit sped up, I could be wrong about that detail). After that period of time, only 1 emote shows up and my moves continue as it showed during the game.

If it helps, here’s another scenario. I have 5 cards in hand. I replace a card and the game freezes (like the picture in the OP). The card disappears in my action bar, but reappears when I resize the client. So I quit the game, log back in, and reconnect to the game. There are 5 cards in my hand (as if nothing was played) and I play as normal (so quitting and reopening Duelyst forced a reconnect).

I really appreciate your effort and help!


Update as of patch 1.69, the freezing due to lag still occurs.


I have the exact same issue, since the last patch it’s worse than ever.
I wasn’t able to finish any game, always had quit the game because I can’t do any move.

Sad :frowning:


Any update? Still occurs frequently post recent patch.


Still happens to me. It comes and goes in patches, sometimes it works all day, sometimes it screws up every second game. Losing a turn pretty much means a lost game.

Not going to spend any money on Shimzar unless it’s fixed…


Hey guys,

I am new to the game and I love it, but after playing it for a day (OSX MBP 15’) I am unable to finish any single game as the game freezes. Please help.