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Game freezes up when you get called more than once during 1 game

Desribe the issue:

Was playing game against vetruvian when I was called, game handled fine and continued, but after opponent summoned several obelisks and pandora (applied an inner oasis too) I was called again mid-game and game froze up. I’m unsure as to whether or not it was due to the second call coming in, too many minions on board(I can’t imagine what it’d do with swarm Abyssian), or a combination of the two.

What’s your Phone/Model?

IPhone 6

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Yep, app definitely freezes up when you get called during a game. This time I was playing against vanar and the board was basically empty when I was called. The screen was frozen even past the call though I knew that the match was still ongoing due to the ticking timer count. Please address this issue before the official release since this will most likely occur more than once due to the game being on a mobile platform. Other than that (and the annoying sun bloom issue) the game is running fairly smoothly. :blush:

IPhone 6

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i didn’t participate in the iOS beta, i don’t have an iphone.
i just wanna say i appreciate that you are reporting all these bugs mmf and make it better for others that do use the beta.


As a heads up, game also seems to freeze if you try to go on a different app (ex:safari) while the game is still loading up (pre-first replace screen)

I wonder whatever happened to the banana…:thinking: