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Game freezes at deck builder. Windows


game freezes when i go to make a deck. sometimes it doesnt, but it does more than it doesnt. sometimes it also freezes on any other random screen.

Windows 10 but before that i had windows 7 and it did that same thing

I have a AMD 3.6 Ghz with 8 processors and 8 gigs of DDR5 ram and i have 2 amd radeon 7700hd graphics cards.

the game freezing isnt what makes me upset with the game, its the fact that it freezes and i have hundreds of dollars in this game on a pc i have thousands of dollars in?! this has happend constatnly with this game on all 3 of my pcs.


Have you checked this: https://duelyst.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/893214-poor-frame-rate


So i’ve looked through few pages of google on the matter, and this is the only topic with a response from a developer. Since the original poster didn’t answer your question, i will: yes i have looked into your support template FAQ or whatever it’s called, and obviously it didn’t help, There are quite a few topics on reddit and other forums on similar problem with the game freezing in deck builder yet not a single real response from devs or any useful input whatsoever.
I’ve played the game for a while now, it had several major updates, yet noone gives a damn about this issue apparently.