Game client frequently freezes on collection screen / in deck builder



While viewing my collection or building a deck, the game client frequently freezes. It is completely unusable, and even all sound effects and animations stop. The only way out of this state is to Control+Alt+Delete, kill the client process, and relaunch it.

This occurs several times a day and makes deck building extremely painful.

Operating System:

Windows 10 (version 1607, build 14393.576).

System Specs:

i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (64-bit)
NVIDIA driver version: 376.19

Game Client:


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch game client.
  2. Navigate to collection.
  3. Mouse around a lot, generally browse the collection, click on things.
    Within 10-15 minutes of doing this, the game client locks up on my machine.

I sampled the process while in this state and discovered that it appears to be hung within a system call:

0:000> k
 # Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
00 00000000`0014ddb8 00007ffd`56af75ff ntdll!NtWaitForSingleObject+0x14
*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for Duelyst.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for Duelyst.exe
01 00000000`0014ddc0 00000001`40331b90 KERNELBASE!WaitForSingleObjectEx+0x8f
02 00000000`0014de60 00000001`431ce6db Duelyst+0x331b90
03 00000000`0014de90 00000001`4323b08d Duelyst+0x31ce6db
04 00000000`0014df90 00000001`40328f5c Duelyst+0x323b08d
05 00000000`0014e0e0 00000001`41df4144 Duelyst+0x328f5c
06 00000000`0014e1c0 00000001`41df33da Duelyst+0x1df4144
07 00000000`0014eb20 00000001`41df487d Duelyst+0x1df33da
08 00000000`0014edb0 00000001`40328f5c Duelyst+0x1df487d
09 00000000`0014edf0 00000001`402d10d9 Duelyst+0x328f5c
0a 00000000`0014eed0 00000001`402d0470 Duelyst+0x2d10d9
0b 00000000`0014f880 00000001`4032b86b Duelyst+0x2d0470
0c 00000000`0014f970 00000001`40331618 Duelyst+0x32b86b
0d 00000000`0014f9b0 00000001`402d0d20 Duelyst+0x331618
0e 00000000`0014fa00 00000001`40bc1a19 Duelyst+0x2d0d20
0f 00000000`0014fa60 00000001`404704a7 Duelyst+0xbc1a19
10 00000000`0014fc90 00000001`40470351 Duelyst+0x4704a7
11 00000000`0014fce0 00000001`4046d190 Duelyst+0x470351
12 00000000`0014fd70 00000001`4008a77b Duelyst+0x46d190
13 00000000`0014fda0 00000001`42df7eb2 Duelyst+0x8a77b
14 00000000`0014ff20 00007ffd`59858364 Duelyst+0x2df7eb2
15 00000000`0014ff60 00007ffd`599670d1 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x14
16 00000000`0014ff90 00000000`00000000 ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x21

I don’t have the Duelyst symbols at my disposal so I can’t really diagnose further, but it seems like you’re hanging under NtWaitForSingleObject.