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**Game-Breaking Arena Bug**


I searched for a game in arena, and, upon loading in, could not move or otherwise interact with the game. I don’t even think my opponent received my emotes.

I made a video of it: https://youtu.be/XY9peKBkQUo

I don’t think this is an isolated incident, there looks like there’s a similar thread on the forums, and I think I’ve seen it happen to someone I’ve played against.

Can I have my loss back?

We’re on Windows 10 post-anniversary update, with a gtx 1060, i7-6700k, and 16g ram. I’m certain these are not related.

As for reproducing it…
I have no idea.


Just lost 3 times in gauntlet because of this.

It’s a bug in analytics code. It keeps making requests to mobileanalytics.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/[date]/event at some insane rate of hundreds of requests per second which starves the browser tab and lags the whole game to the point it’s unplayable.

I would also like my gauntlet ticket back for debugging this and just the unfair and infuriating experience I just had.

Screenshots from chrome developer tools:


Can you try to disable your extensions? Are you running an ad blocker? Have you tried playing on the native client?


Sorry for necro, but this is a big issue I feel
My instance of the bug was through the Steam client