Gaia; Eathborne (Boss Suggestion_


So, yeah. I made a boss suggestion. I know that the first one hasn’t come out yet (This was made approx 5 hours before release) and I just want to post what I had made as a legitimate suggestion for a boss. It’s a LOT more complex and has tons of new cards, meaning that it probably is worth more trouble than a boss should ever be, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Gaia Earthborne
Stats: 0/30
BBS: Earthen Respite
Heal 2 damage from your general and gain +3 attack this turn.


Gaia is a relatively large-threat based boss, that slows down the game to get her minions to gradually gain more value and become larger threats. She will do everything she can to keep her minions alive, even using herself as a meatshield (Dirt-shield in this situation?) to defend her more important threats. She will always try and get the most value out of trades before going face, which makes her also control-oriented in some situations. Once late game comes out, she will start using much more prominent threats to shield herself and focus on the enemy general; All while healing herself up to survive.

Even while she is out in the back defending herself, she still has ranged damage capabilities such as Nature’s Wrath; an artifact that gives her blast. Gaia also can still trigger Photosynthesis with spells can effectively swarm board with tons of strong minions.

The only occasion in which she will break character is if she will take an excess of damage that is potentially game-changing, Ex: 7+ damage, and try to run away. Flying minions of course of such strength will make her try to either park herself in a corner to avoid being hit, attempt to reach out and kill it, or aggro onto the general more fiercely.


Gaia uses unique cards and keywords in order to effectively defeat the opponent, using every inch of her influence and power to do so. Even though she has all of these threats, her decksize is limited to 25, but she has the ability to refresh it and gain new cards.

Special Cardtext:
Photosynthesis / Do (X) thing at start of turn if on your side of the field. Effects can stack
Earthborne / Specie synergy


Biomatter / 1 mana / 0/1 / Minion
Opening Gambit: If there is a nearby Earthborne, this minion gains +3/3

Plant Matter / 1 mana / (2/2) / Earthborne / Minion
Cannot move - Photosynthesis:+1/1 and can now move

Moss Golem / 2 mana / (2/3) / Earthborne / Minion
Can only move 1 tile - Photosynthesis: +1/2 and can now move +1 tile

Earth-Blessed Priest / 2 mana / (1/1) / Minion
Your general heals 2 health at end of turn.

Earth-bound Wvyern / 4 mana / (4/5) / Earthborne / Minion
Flying - Deathwish: Summon a 1/2 Rubble on this space

Earthen Summoner / 4 mana / (2/2) / Minion
At the end of your turn, summon a Moss Golem

Nature Worker / 5 mana / (2/3) / Minion
Opening Gambit: Summon a Sunbulb

Ivystone Tortoise / 5 mana / (4/6) / Earthborne / Minion
Photosynthesis: -2/+3 and Provoke

Atlas; World-Bearing Dragon / 8 mana / (4/12) / Earthborne / Minion
Opening Gambit:: Deal 4 damage to all characters. Whenever this minion attacks, deal 6 damage to another character.


Shining Sun / 2 mana / Spell
Activate all Photosynthesis effects

Solar Absorption / 2 mana / Spell
Both players draw 2 cards. heal 3 health to your general.

Stone Protector / 3 mana / Spell
Your general gains Provoke until the start of your next turn

Recycle / 3 mana / Spell
Destroy a friendly Earthborne and deal 6 damage to an enemy minion.

Earthen Rage / 2 mana / Spell
Give a friendly Earthborne +2/4

Continental Shift / 7 mana
"Woah! What’s going on!," (Destroys all minions/structures/walls on board and replaces deck with another one with different cards. Will always be played at 7 mana, and can only be played once)


Nature’s Wrath / 0 mana
This artifact has 1 durability - Give your general Blast

Nature’s Wreath / 0 mana
This artifact has 1 durability - Your general can move +1 space

Token Minions:

Sunbulb / 0 mana / (0/3) / Structure
At the end of your turn, activate all Photosynthesis effects.

Rubble / 0 mana / (1/2) / Wall


Deck 1 (Pre-Shift) 25 cards
x1 Nature’s Wrath
x1 Nature’s Wreath
x3 Shining Sun
x2 Solar Absorption
x2 Stone Protector
x1 Recycle
x2 Earthen Rage
x3 Biomatter
x3 Plant Matter
x3 Moss Golem
x2 Earth Blessed Priest
x2 Nature Worker

Deck 2 (After-Shift) 25 cards
x1 Nature’s Wrath
x1 Nature’s Wreath
X3 Shining Sun
x2 Solar Absorption
X2 Recycle
X2 Eathen Rage
X3 Moss Golem
X2 Nature Worker
X3 Ivystone Tortoise
X2 Earth-Bound Wvyern
X2 Earthen Summoner
X2 Atlas; World-Bearing Dragon

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Yo @Ryvirath whadda ya think of this concept?


I kinda wish duelyst terms were used instead of hearthstone terms


I am so sorry, I didn’t realize.


Really interesting concepts you’ve got here :smiley: I like it all and would love to play it, but there’s a couple problems:

First off, this deck has a lot of cheap spells and synergies with no draw. Some of those spells should be cantrips or something, because a bot will just burn through their hand instantly.

Secondly, the boss decks are mainly made of minions and spells that already exist in the game, so all these new cards would take a while to be introduced into the game. I wonder how Gaia would play if you crafted her a deck out of Magmar+Vetruvian cards (uniting theme of growth and exponential value)?


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