Funny moments when you were new


i just wanted to know some of the mistakes and funny moments you had when you were still new to duelyst. i initially thought that abbysian was the aggro faction while songhai was a super-controling spellcaster, similar to miracle rogue in hearthstone. Boy, how wrong i was


When I didn’t replace my late game early on because I thought I would lose the card forever. Even though it’s called replace…


An old Classic is your usual first time against Dioltas:
"5/3 deathwish spawn a Tombstone… Seems manageable."
Kills it and spawns the Tombstone, ends turn
"Wait, it can move!? Divine Bond… Wha…"


I first saw the pre shizmar shadow nova, and moused over the creep tile. I was thinking “how the hell is this not overpowered?”


Well, it kind of was, if you got consecutive shadow novas…


my first time against dioltas was back when i had 2 hp and no one really played it. i just ran into one of the freak occurrences of it