Fun Kara deck (also successful)


People who know me will already know that I play purely for fun, and that I love to experiment. Preferably with underused cards/generals.

Sometimes I make a deck that doesn’t just have a 50-50 winrate or so, but that’s actually quite good in the current circumstances, and this deck has really surprised me with doing so well.

It doesn’t have any chromatic cold or wall, and it beat Chakri-Hai, Superaggro-Magmar, Lyonar etc. Iirc it’s unbeaten so far, did at least 5 matches with it. I’m currently in Diamond rank by the way.

Now this is not meant to showcase a good deck for people to win with, but to promote a bit more Kara play and to promote different deck ideas.

Without further ado, I present you Minion Kara:

Some comments:

  • While using Alcuin (and Cryptographer) to triple buff a Tiger like in the olden days sure sounds fun, do use Alcuin to counter decks. (I won against super-aggro Magmar by cloning Thumping wave and dealing 12 damage with a buffed Mantella with Primus Fist, putting Vaath on the defensive.)
  • Win condition can be a buffed Jax, but Meltdown happens quite a lot too.
  • Sanguinar is surprisingly good, especially when buffed +1/+1, and has really helped me win a lot too.

I hope some will try it out and have fun with it.

Best wishes all!

Kara BBS Suggestion

Deck looks really fun :slight_smile: thanks for sharing mate


Why take shrouds over chromatic colds if you dont have any razorbacks?

2/2’s don’t beat the versatility of arguably the best spell in the game.


Because I wanted a deck without spells, for fun :slight_smile:
It actually started out as me wanting to try Sanguinar, but once I had those thrown in and chosen the general I thought let’s add no spells/artifacts :slight_smile:


Why meltdown though? Kara is probably the worst general to use with that minion.


No, the worst generals with meltdown are:
Zir’An (nothing to heal is rather common)
Kaleos (nothing to move is uncommon, but can still happen)
Cassyva (nothing to pin is uncommon, but can still happen)
… I guess Argeon if your Meltdown gets moved out of reach, then you also cannot have something to buff I guess.

Basically you just need a BBS that you can play every turn, and Kara’s is that. If you then summon something as well that’s fine, but not needed with Meltdown.


Meltdown, 7 mana, bbs 1 mana, buffed…zyx? I rarely have one stick on the board undispelled long enough to get a second proc so karas bbs does not synergize well at all with this unit. Zir and Cass would be much better choices, atleast you’d accomplish something.


Well I disagree, there’s nothing more to be said then.


Thanks for a sharing it! I don’t have all the cards but I’m having a lot of fun with it!


Hmm. Are you sure you have thought that through?


Fine, very uncommon then.
Same as with Argeon, requires a specific boardstate to not be possible.


What stops you from moving your own meltdown with kaleos?

edit: btw just for the sake of the discussion, bloodsurge procs when you simple USE your general BBS, so with ziran you dont need to effectively heal anything, you could use it on your own full health meltdown to proc the 7 dmg. And with cass you can ping your own minion aswell, it’s not restricted to enemy minions


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