Full Vetruvian Wish Deck


Since the ladder has just reset a week ago, I’m trying out fun decks in Diamond. Still not motivated to grind up to S and having fun tweaking unusual decks. Have found out something that works somehow.

This is a full Vetruvian faction list (no neutrals). Still a bit undecided between Sand Howlers and Falcius as Sand Howler is a great target for both 2nd and 3rd Wish. It is also a difficult minion to remove when buffed as it would be immune to general damage as well as spells. It can also be cast from the backline then use a surprise 3rd wish to enable it to attack from anywhere across the board.

Pantheran is also a synergy card. I think a lot of people have dismissed its usefulness but I find it very similar to Mandrake. The thing is you really do not have to hold into it while you complete the wishes. You can replace it if you think that you won’t be able to complete the wishes soon. I had a game where I was able to complete the wishes at turn 5 then dropped 2 Pantherans followed by an Aymara at turn 6. That is a board almost impossible for most factions to deal with.

The other cards are mostly Devrish synergy cards. More wish targets + obelysk synergy.
A few Obelysk in the field can be a struggle early on for the opponents. If the opponents aren’t careful you can close games with Obelysks + Whisper of the Sands.

This deck still has room for improvement. I think that the deck may need some form of card draw as this deck will almost exhaust all the cards with all the combos but still don’t know what to cut.

Deck Version 2:

Dropped Sand Howlers. Falcius is more valuable for both damage and removal. There are lots of devrish target for wishes Sand Howler is too situational to be useful.

Deck Version 3:


  • 3 Allomancer
  • 2 Nimbus
  • 3 Spell Jammer
  • 2 Zen’Rui

The spell jammer change made the deck more consistent by allowing you to draw the combo cards more easily. It also allows your enemy to actually focus on the spell jammer rather than the obelysks. Zen’Rui is added as a tech card since Nimbus doesn’t really do much. Nimbus is a bit slow while Zen’Rui is a huge tempo gain.

Last change I’d like to try is to change whispers into Rasha’s curse giving me an access to a controllable dervish spawn. Still not sure because whispers can actually close out games easily.

Thanks for @paralykeet for the suggestions.

Gameplay Video:

Gameplay #1 - Zirix Mirror. I’m guessing the opposing player is using the traditional mid-range Zirix deck.


Was about due time someone tried Pantheran tbh. So, what’s implied under the deck “working somehow”?


Won 3 out of 4 games. Small sample size so “somehow”. As it isn’t fully tested and needs a lot of optimization. It’s better than my portal guardian deck with abyssmal win rate. :smile:


Added deck version 2. Currently 5-1 with the changes. 8-5 overall with this decklist. The surprise seem to come from 3rd wish. Not a lot are expecting it allowing me to do some Dune Caster + 3rd wish on turn 2 whenever my obelysk isn’t dispelled game can snowball from there if the opponent does not have an answer.


I like your Obelysk take, but between light bender and plasma I always feel bad playing my Obelysk decks. Also usualy feels wasteful to use wishes on wind dervishes since they usualy dissapear.

Here is my take, loosely based on my golden army deck.


I really think Zirix and Pax is all the actual dervish stuff you need to make third wish work. Cheap units, ranged, and tiger really get a lot out of value out of first and second wish. Skipping on the dervish stuff leaves you with a much more well rounded deck. Prefer shroud to siphon on this list as it already has good ranged removal and shroud gives another body for Oasis and wishes.

But if you want a more dervish focused list it can work to but it is more gimicky.


In order to fit the dervish synergy in while still keeping Vets must have power house cards we end up loosing the helpful draw and field presence that Oasis gives. This list needs Siphons and Rashas to have ranged answers so it just does not have the body count to make Oasis work. and It’s low body count in general can make wishes clog up your hand. It’s just tough trying to fit 3 wishes, dervish synergy, ranged answers, and pantheron into one deck.

I think both my lists and yours all have the potential to be competitive. Your Obylisk version is quite strong but can get countered. My dervish version can have big swing victories but is a bit draw dependent. And my golden army version is the weakest of them but it’s stable and does not have any real downsides.


Needs Spelljammer tbh. Your deck leans on a buff, and cheating out a 0 mana minion. Spelljammer is a “no duh” pick. You should probably cut the Nimbuses and a Siphon Energy for better tech (Zen’Rui, Grovekeeper, or Shroud)


Spell Jammers are not an auto at all. They are great for stuff like Songhai that is nothing but low curve and empties out their hand. Not so great here with a medium curve and wanting to avoid giving your opponent card advantage. All the decks already run some cycle and draw. Perhaps not enough, but I don’t think jammer fits here reguardless.

Nimbus is a mainstay of vet right now. Better to have a 5 mana curve for a midrange deck then to drop a jammer.

I do partly agree with you on shroud vs siphon. But it comes down to wether the deck has enough ranged answers to deal with problem units that are hid in the back.

The deck leans on having a strong early game, transitioning into huge out of hand buff damage out of no where, or into dropping Vets well known higher curve threats.


Looks very interesting! Certainly gives me motivation to play this deck and an excuse to play Vetruvian which I generally dislike.

Thanks for sharing!


Are you under the impression that this deck wants to play a fair game? Simply put, playing 9 buff spells is itself a massive liability. So something as fair and slow as Nimbus really doesn’t help you actually win the game. Where Aymara Healer is disruptive and always threatens to not only attack, prevent movement, or pop it’s Dying Wish- but to add extra steps in managing or moving away far enough to bodyblock the 0 mana 6/6.

Pantheran is not a card that wants to be played in anything remotely resembling a fair game, because unlike Mandrake (which scales with the number of minions played, including your opponent’s) it isn’t merely about playing something for a reduced cost. Pantheran is always 6 or 0, and wants to be setup in the same turn as a SSW, STW, or Aymara Healer- and if 2 Pantherans can drop at the same time, it’s that much more difficult of a combo to get out of. For these kindof goofy setups, Spelljammer is the premier cardflow tool, and powerful tech like Zen’Rui is ideal for turning the game around long enough to slam down the final buff and Pantheran.

If this were a more fair-leaning Vet deck, Nimbus would make an exemplary 2-of, were a super controlling list, the suggestion would be to play Rasha’s Curse, and a third copy of Nimbus. But this deck sortof just wants to setup and go off extremely hard.


That’s a nice argument. I might try out Zen rui instead of nimbus. Nimbus is always stuck in my hand actually. If I were to get spelljammer, which card do you think you should be replaced?


Allomancer or Whispers. Whispers digs you harder, but is just extra replace steps sometimes. Allomancer is just more of the slow stuff. 6 Obelysks, 3 Dunecasters and 3 Pax ontop of the BBS gives you plenty of targets for the Third Wish.

EDIT: On second though, definitely the Allomancers.


Thanks. Lol it’s working well. Had a 5 win streak with the changes. Didn’t know that this unusual deck can carry me through the ranks even without trying. Rank 5 > Rank 2 now. I might even reach S without using my main decks.


:slight_smile: Glad to know that I did something good for a change.

Did you notice Pantheran’s animation looks like he’s a tearing up a mic? MC Pants up in this biz.


I cheated a bit lol. reached rank 1, 3 chevrons with this deck got into a losing streak then switched to Cass to get to S.