Frostfire: Vanar Lethal Puzzle


I’ve noticed there have been quite a few lethal puzzles recently and decided to join in on the fun.

it’s actually possible to win with what’s on the board. so bonus points if you can figure it out that way as well.


Hmmmh… Let’s see…

Attack the Battle Panddo with Lantern Fox: you get 2 Phoenix Fires for 6 damage.

Use Warbird to deal 2 damage and activate the Panddo to trigger your Lantern Fox for an extra Phoenix Fire. That’s 11 damage.

Then all you have to do is move down the Healing Mystic or Frostiva assuming she didn’t summon a wolf in the only space she shouldn’t have and attack the general for lethal :slight_smile:

Good one! :smile:


Yeah, so move the Frostiva or Mystic first to avoid getting your lethal cucked by RNG


i dont think that frostiva activates on battle panddo since it was damaged, not attacked


i used the frostiva to attack the panddo, not the fox, when i did it