Frostfire festival quest issue


Has anyone complete their frostfire quest? I have just reached the 15 quest completion but didnt keep track of this quest. For some reason I didnt get the reward. Is it over today or did i face the bug?


to get your reward, go to the “mystery crate” button in the main menu. the gift crate should be there.

not sure why they didnt give a tiny reward cutscene like they do with every other quest, but it should be there


Thank you. I was really confused as i though that it was an orb.


Heck yeah I got it and I had a Legendary battlemap in the rare crate, yay!


im waiting for the expansion before i open my rare crate. who knows what awesome cosmetic goodies theyrs gonna introduce


I’m personally waiting for the dragon riding mark 4 generals.


dayum, the luck! D:


Gonna lock thread; question has been answered.