From Diamon to S rank deck


I just reached legend from D2 with 1 loss with this deck which seem to counter those aggro magmar. So I wanted to share this deck to help some of you laddering at the moment.

Archetype :

Even if this deck look very aggro it’s an OTK base deck. You have to flood the board on turn 1-2. Then you can play Bloodmoon Priestess to keep board for the OTK. After that each turn you have to check if you have lethal with soul grimwar or Deathfire Crescendo.

We didn’t see play from those deck before meta because of blistering skorn. Now since they nerfed the card and with the release of Furosa this deck become more viable.

Why this card?

  • Shadowdancer: This card is better than “shadow sister kelaino” in this deck because almost all your minions dies. It’s very good against artefact based deck like Sajj.
  • Sojourner: You need some draw against control deck even if it’s pretty useless against starhorn.
  • cryptographers: this card is a must it’s even better than Wraithling swarm. This card must be seen as a 3 drop though (mana curve). It combo very well with furosa where you can easily summon 2 2/2 and 2 3/3 for 5 mana.
  • dreamgazer: it’s basically a 0 mana cost drop a 1/1 draw a card take 2 damage which is very usefull in such deck as you need to flood as fast as possible you board and keep a hand.
  • Gloomchaser: great card here. You can easily deal 1 damage to a taunt with your 1/1 and kill it. This card replace ritual banishing.
  • maw + bloodtear: allow you to trade some minion early effectively without loosing too much board.

Tuto How to kill a starhorn magmar:

Here a an impressive turn 1 :


Current stat : 13-1


You plan on explaining whats the deck strategy or request for the community to help fine tune it? Would encourage discussion from the community and make the thread more lively.


yeah just updated it with some explanation. If there is thing you don’t understand you can ask for sure :wink:


This deck looks like my swarm lilithe deck however i dont understand why have 3 cyptograpghers as opposed to a third shadowdancer. Just remember that plasma storm is a card and it appears to 90% of your minions minus the deathfire cresendo. Im not criticising your deck by the way just wanna know how does your deck match up against plasma storm or other board wipes before you get the deathwatch value.
You also mind explaining the:
Dreamgazers (props for using this in 2016 tho)

Also why dont you use:
Ritual Banishing

Edit: The reason Dreamgazer seems bad is that there is only one way of recovering health in this deck and as always the meta is more aggro based, dreamgazer is helping ur magmar opp out a whole bunch


I updated post to answer your question.

Gor is not great here because it’s really important to manage your minion placement. And if ennemy player is smart enough he can anticipate placement after Gor next attack so you can have a buffed minion stucked or yourself.

Dreamgazer is a great card in this deck as explained in post because it’s free and you don’t loose hand. And the 2 damage you take is irrelevant related to the board you have. Even if it’s magmar he has to trade your 1/1 with his mid range minion early instead of going face. Else he can die turn 4-5 easily.


Just added a video on how it beat a starhorn. As you can see the magmar is scared when I deploy my deck early. He look a way to go away and hide. Scared he try to clean board instead of focusing face.


Have you tried running Void Pulse? I am not sure what you could take out to try it, but I think it is great in aggressive lists. It does drain your hand but 5 life swing for 1 Mana is great. In close aggro matches you will have board control and be up by like 5 life. If you are at 12 HP and they are at 7, you both are in danger. 1 Mana can bump you out of lethal range, and negate a pesky Azure Herald or Healing Mystic from stalling lethal before you run out of cards.

Maybe drop 1 Dream Gazer and run 1x just to see if you like it when it pops up?


I keep this decklist because I am currently 12 wins 1 loss. And I will update stat. This is my best deck for laddering so far.


heres a VERY impressive turn 1


congrats !!!
Unfortunately you have just one card left in hand. Hope your opponent doesn’t have Grasp of Agony :wink:
My turn 1 was like playing 1 card because I have 5 cards left in hand.


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