Frigid Corona In Aggro?


That’s what im running rn in my vanar deck and it seems to work? What do you guys think. Worth it?


Yes…and super annoying. :cry: :+1:


Amazing. I run 3 in my aggro deck and love to see those fangs when it shows up in my hand


Auto 3 of in every Vanar deck. It’s too good not to play.


Annoying af :smiley: I always like Stun, amazing effect


It’s a stun of course it works and it draws you a card auto include in most Vanar decks I would say.


Definitely worth it. The +1 draw is helpful for cycling through your deck. Vanar has no draw engine, and must rely on neutral cards to make it faster. And the stun is always helpful for setting your opponent back a turn.


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