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Friendly Duelyst Gonarrg Here!


Been dueling for a while but now I’m getting more hooked… Since I left using facebook too much or whatever could be.

Decks in order of prefference: Vetruvian, Vanar, Lyonar, Abyssian, Songhai & Magmar.

I hate battling Magmars that have a thousand eggs!!! I also hate battling defenseless Magmar users… They look rather cute.

I love using walls with my Vanar deck! It’s so relaxing when you summon five, then four, then three walls with buffs into the battlefield. SO relaxing!

Ha ha!!! Hope I can get to see you out there in the Duelyst Heavens.

You can watch some of my earlier posts and also take a try at spectating my streams here at: https://www.twitch.tv/lilbowserrap

Yeah, gotta change the username to Gonarrg, I’m saving what’s left of my old twitch account and now I gotta wait two months to do that.

Good luck!!! And HAVE FUN!!!


Welcome to the forums! Vanar provides the most fun. :wink:


Welcome here :slight_smile: Enjoy the game and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I recommend the Duelyst wiki as a great tool to find information and help!


Thanks to both!

@bepoest Haha!! Amazing! Will check the wiki.

@boronian Vanar is your thing huh? :monkey_face: How do I summon minions into my posts just like you did?


You got me juxtapositioned with boronian. :wink:

The image comes from the wiki!



Gotcha’ Will check it now!

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