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FreezeFaie - The Ongoing Coldsnap


I know I put out a lot of decks these days but I dabbled with some of the new cards (some of which I don’t have enough of. Especially Alcuin Fugitive seemed such a good concept that It made me think: which spell do I want to cast as often as possible?

We have seen, that casting multiple Warbirds may lead to winning games but I wanted to try something nifty. A lot of generals try to invade your side of the board ( There is a big pink robot in the room), but playing the burn side of Vanar often lets your opponent try to reach your precious Bloodbound Mentors or worse, your face. To use this … Notion against the opponent we have the Avalanche+Alcuin Fugitive combo. Use Mirrorim for longer lasting value.
This is is what i came up with combining those thoughts:

If you have ideas to improve this deck i’d be very grateful to hear them.

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I would make it more Arcanysty.

Just my thoughts. Dunno if you like arcanysts or not, but here’s theorycrafting draft:

I see what you’ve done in your deck with conceiling and avalanche, but couldn’t fit it here. Hope Illusionist and walls will have enough stalling power.

Wanderlust + Avalance is also very cool, but, not in my thoughts :slight_smile:

Mezmerize could be useful with the amount of Birdy we will be casting.

Tracer could be useful, but again, I wasted too many card slots on arcanyst engine running.

What you think? Does it represent the same idea?

Or more close to yours:

You either have a board of arcanysts, or Avalanche them hard.

Well, I would definitely try the second draft…

What I like here is loads of pseudodraw options.

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Blueguy? He would fit…


BTW, you may enjoy Saberspine Alpha as a top end of your curve instead of Ghost Seraphim. More burny, you know.

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Will juat say that -

I was the first one to say wonderlust + avalanche is a thing! You people didn’t listen.

This days i’m running sotw for hitting face with seraphim and everyone on the opponent side and it is extremely fun!


have you posted your list?


Not yet, corrently stuck working on ilena (actually good it good this time it seems - i’ll give it another week) .
Bit i did say that in my vanar card impression right after the expansion.


This is called Freeze Faie… And I don’t see a single Corona…

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