Free to Play experience


Started with Duelyst because of the HB promotion, played around 40 hours so far and I like it a lot.

However getting new cards seems pretty slow, two sets are already out that I have to catch up to and I think I heard something about another new one getting released soon. I do not have time to play 2-3 hours daily to milk that 15 gold one gets for two wins and I would never buy any booster packs for real money out of principle because I think it is a consumer unfriendly, borderline predatory business model (give me a fixed price for a set like Faeria does and would gladly buy it).

Do I actually have any chance to catch up by just doing the dailies each day to the other players that are playing since the beginning?

New player experience: Ranking too steep

I’m completely F2P and never got much problem keeping up with the meta, even when I stayed weeks without playing. If you are intent on going this path tho, I’d recommend you to chose 3 or 4 factions and focus on them for a time, using whatever you get for the other ones as spirit to craft staple neutrals and the other cards you need. This game is very generous in terms of legendary and epic drops in orbs, so, slowly, but steadily, you’ll surely be able to make the refined decks you want.


it will take a while, and focusing on one or 3 factions will speed up the process by a lot. i completely dusted songhai and dont have a lot of lyonar. but i have a good abyssian and good magmar collection going. i havnt spent any money on this and i am able to get pretty close to the meta (as long as it doesnt include spelljammer or kron)


I am currently only rank 15 silver with my cobbled together decks so I am not too concerned about ‘the meta’ but more about simply getting a collection of minions that are not obvious shite compared to the actually good cards that exist but I do not have. For example, still running Golden Mantella in most of my decks because it the least bad neutral 3-drop I have.

Disenchanting non-duplicate cards always hurts you in the long run so I want to avoid that.


Doing your dailies for about 1 pack per day is easily good enough. The fastest way, of course, is to be a gauntlet wizard and go infinite, but most of us don’t have the mad skillz required.

Also, on a side note, Faeria is removing the full-collection purchase option as of a few days ago, because it created too large a gap between paying and free players. Was an interesting idea while it lasted, though.


The gauntlet is the best way to grow your collection quickly. When you reach 3 wins, you’re already getting more out of your gold, and when you complete a quest for a faction you don’t play on ladder, you only need 1 win to break even; all other wins are profit. When you reach 7 wins (you can do that quite consistently if you get some experience) you get a free gauntlet ticket on top of the normal prices.


i have paid but i paid because i liked the game. you don’t have to pay. someone could amass the amount of cards i have gotten by playing. it might be slow. i think its fair in a way. its not pay to play. at the beginning it a hard steep but playing for five months you should have a decent amount. i have been playing since like November. i am almost on my one year mark. i had even stopped playing for a month. if i had played seriously since i first started i could probably have double the amount of cards compared to what i have now with out having to pay a dime.


IMO they are removing it because it is creating too large a gap between their profit projections and actual revenues. But they can’t say that, of course.


It’s not going to save Faeria- the business model was what was saving them, not the other way around.


I am far from being a gauntlet wizard, and have an average win between 4 andf 5, but that was enough to get me quite a lot of cards in 2.5 months (I do one run a day on average, and I try to pick one faction that matches one of the daily quests.).
I got enough cards to get a competitive Lyonar deck (I miss a few legendaries, but that’s about it), and 2/3 of an abyssian swarm deck and a Vanar wall deck (but I got lucky to get many useful legendaries and epic cards).


But you think it’s Dev-friendly not to buy anything and just getting fun for free?
I don’t like the fixed price idea. This smells like P2W and it’s good Duelyst is far away from that.


This is a little old, so I don’t know how many new players know this, but other players can and have referral programs to give new players (specifically friends) 100 gold in exchange for giving rewards to the referrer. For example, a new player can use my referral code AKURANE to recieve 100 gold. Please keep in mind that you can only use one referral code per account.


I’m actually getting pretty annoyed by the attitude that paying anything for a game is supporting a “consumer-unfriendly business model”. I have a rant pretty much lined up about this, but I don’t want to drag the chat off-topic unless you want to hear it.


Stop putting words in my mouth by using incomplete quotes. I explicitly said that my problem is with gambling aspect inherent in booster packs and I would have no problem buying complete sets for a fixed price.

How is buying a set for a fixed price of around 50 bucks P2W but the ability of buying a complete set through loads of booster packs for several hundred of dollars not? You make no sense at all.


Buying a play set means that you would not have to buy a single pack to get a competitively viable deck and collection. However, packs can be obtained without spending real money, so buying packs are more of a Pay to Advance, as it isn’t necessary to buy packs with real money since there are other ways to get gold, packs, and cards.


You can also buy booster packs in Faeria with real money and in game currency that you get for playing the game just like Duelyst. Faeria just has the additional option to buy a complete set for fixed price - a price which is significantly lower than buying the same through booster packs. That is not P2W but fair and transparent to the consumer which is the reason why I had no problem supporting the developer with my money. On the other hand I will never ever buy any booster packs; I fell for that shite once 30 year ago and I learned my lesson.


You can use a budget deck that you can find on the subreddit. You can get to diamond with a budget deck and if you have the skills even s rank. Budget decks are incredibly cheap so considering you’ve played 40 hours, you should have enough for a budget deck


I checked out some deck lists but I am still missing a lot of the basic common cards. Have not opened a single Slithar minion yet or an Azurite Lion or Ironcliff Guardian. And that is despite the free 20 orbs from the HB. So no, unless I disenchant some cards just to craft those commons which is a waste in the long run I cannot build these decks yet.


Admittedly, getting cards can be slow, but you don’t need all that many cards to get you that far. I myself, just playing Magmar with a few of the good cards from Shim’zar (yet I don’t even own a Makantor!) was able to drift around ranks 5-6. Skill with games like chess translate better into this than CCG skill in my opinion.


Read the post above. I am still missing basic common cards.

If you want we can play a little game. You post your Magma deck list and then I tell you which cards I do not have. Then you remove those and replace them with basic cards and then we see how well you do on rank 5-6. :wink: