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Free orbs promotion on Alienware

Hello everybody,

yesterday on my stream someone told me about a Duelyst orb promotion I didn’t know of which is super weird but apparently can happen :smiley: (or maybe I did it and forgot about it…)

So this is older, seems to be from the times when Immortal Vanguard was released.

I explain to you how to get 3 core orbs + 1 common crate key. There is some work involved (not too much though). The link for the giveaway is here.

  1. You have to sign up with Alienware, but you can also login with your Discord, Steam or Twitter account.

  2. Then you need to climb to lvl 2. How do you do that? By getting 15 XP. For that you need 1-3 days probably. Login in every day gives you 1xp and doing the daily quest gives you 6-25xp as far as I could see. I had 16xp after 2 days.
    I don’t know when the quest resets, I read it is midnight UTC/GMT but that can’t be true because I did my first quest after midnight GMT and after waking up I could do my second one. Well you have to find out for yourself.
    You find the daily quest you have to do in your account, you can access it by clicking on the alien in the top right corner after login in.

  3. What are these quests? To be honest they are very obtuse to me but it seems that is on purpose. What I did was googling “alienware forum [name of quest]” and always found an explanation / solution by some oldtimers there. First one yesterday was uploading a indie game trailer somewhere (took 2minutes with googling) and the second one involved reading patch notes (that’s today), which took a little bit till the system recognized I did it (I also replied to that thread, voted on it, just to be sure, but maybe I should have just refreshed my account page or so).

  4. After reaching lvl2 you go back to the giveaway link and can get a key which you need to redeem like all codes in the Duelyst store ingame.

Hope that was helpful to you, have fun getting your orbs. Any questions?


Did the “quests” take a lot of time in your experience?

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Figuring out what the quests were took me 3-4 minutes because I didn’t google first.

But then it was a 2minute work.

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This really doesn’t seem worth the hassle but I’m doing it anyway. Thanks!

P.S. Remember that spamming is the way is complete the quests:



I was able to instantly do it right now and got 25 xp for today’s quest

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May I ask from which region you did it?

I got a report saying that the na.alienwareforum.com website is claiming there are no keys left.

Oh and the key worked, right? I got mine but won’t use it, so… :sweat_smile: Would be great if you could confirm you got 3 orbs and a crate :slight_smile:

But I am really curious about your region.

I will also edit the guide to say that if you are lucky you only need 1 quest.

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And if you’re as unlucky as Anjo you have to wait 3 days… :confused:

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From what region are you login in to alienware?

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NA. I hope the codes aren’t truly out…

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I’m also NA and it said there was a ton of codes left last night🤔

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Also mine worked

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Thanks, not sure what’s happening there for the other guy :frowning:

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Maybe it’s because he’s still level 1

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It worked! I waited 3 days for a lame emote, 2 Hearthstone packs, and this:

So worth it!


Glad it worked out!


If anyone hasn’t used a gift code yet I have an extra

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Just dm me in game

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