Free keys problem


SOOOO!! Hi! I just started play duelist again . I had to play like month and just learned about the free keys system which you get by follow the company in social medias( twitter, youtube) So I got my codes try to use the in game and the “Not found” screen popped up. I assume my keys are not valid and I am kinda confused . Did I miss something? for example was this free keys thing limited or I failed to connect my accounts? In any case no one has ever used my account while I wasn’t playing(game was unistalled) Thank you in advance for your time and for your opinions
P.S sorry if my English are bad AF… have a great day!


Hi, can you make absolutely sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the copy paste? If that doesn’t work try typing it in manually, if that still doesn’t work please let me know here and we can follow up further.


Greetings there good sir,
Thank you for the advise I assume that might be a problem in the game and doesn’t recognise copy-paste codes for the internet. I followed your advise and I worded fine, I just had to delete the last degit and write it again(thing I didn’t try before cuz I am an ape :joy: ) Now I have my keys and I can continue my life. I Love this game and I regret the fact that I had it unistalled from my computer this long. Again thank you sir, you help me a lot, have a great day :slight_smile:


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