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This proposed highlander variety deck is an experiment in how stupid your opponent is, and if you choose to run this build, or some iteration of it, how stupid you are. I’m sure there are people aware of the concept of prison decks, et etc. Obviously the natural culmination of that idea is this build, where every card at every mana level threatens to end the game if left unchecked. Your opponent will be so busy removing stuff that hopefully how shitty your deck is won’t matter. Want to juke your opponent so hard they get salty and leave the game? Try this shit.

A secondary idea I had was how hatefurnace and thunderhorn interacts with xorxuul. OBviously the greatest tech of all time, hatehorn into a board filled with xorxuul shit would lead to infinite damage as minions respawn as they die, right? I’m praying for that to actually be true.

Can’t lose if they can’t kill you :sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti:


Bad version of an established meme really


Well Thunderhorn attacks, the damage spreads out, the attack ends, now minions die and then respawn.


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