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Fought my first bot, in Duelyst!


Hey there,

I guess this means the game is becoming popular?

There were many ways to easily tell it was bot: Very strange plays, ordering of cards was robotic and very quick every time without thinking. They were playing Vetruvian and were buffing their 2/2 dervishes with +1/+1, even though the dervish was going to die at the ender of the turn. They did this multiple times.

Is this the place to report bots? I didn’t see a specified location.



Maybe they just were bad. There also is a report button after the match iirc. Should be near the donate button.


May I ask in what rank was this?

Also, pretty sure you’re not supposed to call out account names for botting, cheating or whatever unless you have the sufficient evidence to do so which you don’t.


I wondered the same thing… if they were just bad.

However, I added them to friends and it instantly accepted. They didn’t respond at all and I watched for a few games for more proof. So easy to tell.


Rank 16

Thanks for the heads up, but I feel I have sufficient proof.


Well that explains a lot.

You thinking how he plays in a robotic way isn’t evidence.


Raqyee: “May I ask in what rank was this?”

Well, yeah, I said Rank 16… that does explain a lot to the question you asked.

You sound like you’ve never fought a bot in other card games before, welcome to the internet.


I think what he meant was tangible proof, such as a video of said match in real time, which can be accessed in your match history. As you said, you are in silver rank, so one could argue that the other player was not completely experienced with the game. Your example with first wish on wings dervishes isn’t truly plausible, as some players will do that play anyways just to gain cards and options.


I’m not denying bots exist, I’m just pointing out how you posted nothing in the thread which would indicate the account you’re accusing is in fact botting. What you’re doing is witch hunting.


Ok that makes sense and I understand what you guys are saying, but I’m still going to try to let the developers of this game know when I’m pretty sure I just found a bot.

I wasn’t planning on recording video of the bot and uploading it to here for every bot I find.

If it’s important enough to get rid of bots, then someone will investigate.


He had 2 other minions on the board he could’ve “cycled” the +1/+1, but good idea. You made me go back and double check myself.

But then again, there were multiple obvious reasons.


I would love to see the video. I think it would give me a hearty laugh or two.


There is a replay page in your profile, duelyst autosaves them. Fast and robotic plays don’t mean jackshit, i just made an Alt to get the rook emote and i am playing very fast and robotic as well, since i have lots of routine and don’t need to think my plays that much in low divisions.

So yeah it could as well just be somebody who is grinding up an alt, since those would be playing really fast as well and make ‘strange plays’ in the eyes of somebody in Silver, but to tell for sure you’d need to upload the replay.


If they reported me for every bad match I had, I’d have the cops at my door by now


Sorry to break it to you, but if you play quickly and badly in low ranks you’re 100% guaranteed a bot :cry:


I highly doubt botting would prove sufficient results in Duelyst… Honestly if someone managed to write a bot script that actually won games at a decent rank (Diamond Division or high Gold Division) chances are that said person would just get hired to improve the ai for future single player content/maybe more complex and smarter battle pet mechanics…


Locking thread. If you feel there is a bannable offense send a support ticket in or use the report feature after a game, do not post onto the forums with it and especially do not witchhunt by calling players names out.

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