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Just earned the badge, “First Onebox.” Clicked on my profile icon and then the link, "Earned ‘First Onebox’ in the activity feed. Landed on a page that said, "
Page Not Found

  while trying to load /badges/42

  Oops, the application tried to load a URL that doesn't exist.

Full address of missing page is https://forums.duelyst.com/badges/42/first-onebox?username=abbot

Operating System:

Windows 10, Firefox 47.0.1

System Specs:



Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:
See description


Known issue, it’s a native badge that is disabled, but due to the way Discourse works it’s still earned. Nothing we can do about it unfortunately


Same thing just happened with, "Earned ‘First Emoji’.

…while trying to load /badges/41



Mhm exact same issue, it is a disabled badge but we can’t stop it from granting. Sorry for the inconvenience.