[Forum] Ignore a user?



Is there a way/feature to totally ignore every message from a user please ?
Just a simple button or switch that make all message from a specific person disappear ?

I’ve searched among settings but didn’t find anything.


Can we please have an option to fully "Ignore Forum User"

I may not understand this properly, and if i don’t I apologize but, if you go into preferences/settings and scroll all the way to the bottom, you can mute people.


I’ve done that already but I keep seeing that user posts in a lot of threads :frowning:

(it’s ok, reporting to the staff and pointing at him … will only bring more noise and trouble, I’ll just cope with it and I guess this “user” will make himself sanctioned :wink: )


We do not have the option for a complete mute on the forum. If you have a problem with someone please bring it to the attention of the moderators or staff, we have a flag button for exactly that reason. Our focus is on an inclusive community and a complete mute goes against that philosophy.