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The first line refers to the cards name
the next two to it’s mechanics
and the last to both




That says hearth not heart, so no.


It’s a stretch, but…

Line-by-line reasoning again:
A forge is a type of hearth (which is definitely something you sweat over).
Makes spells cost one less than most.
Has even worse stats than a Silverguard Squire.
Mana… …crystals?


DING DING DING! Yes, and the explanation was spot on (besides the fact that a hearth is part of a forge, as supposed to a type of forge, but same difference). have a SnowChaser image


Yay! Got it!

To celebrate I’m gonna go ahead and revive my old riddle, since it was never solved:

with the hint

Already guessed were:
Blood Echoes
Echoing Shriek
Flawless Reflection
Echo Deliverant
Orb Weaver
Breath of the Unborn


Ash mephyt? Zyx?


Second Selfimage


Mirror image?
That 2 mana songhai spell thingy right?
Or the 4 mana creature copying creature?


Freebie hint: I posted this riddle before Trials of Mythron was a thing, so it’s nothing from that expansion. :stuck_out_tongue: (So it can’t be Second Self)

It’s neither Ash Mephyt or Zyx. How do they relate to the first two lines?

If you mean Mirror Meld, incorrect. If you mean Mirage Master, also incorrect.


Keeper of the vale?


Abhorrent Unbirth?


These riddles are tough! Feel free to take a brain break with mine, they’re far less difficult in comparison.

Journey to the edges of this unenlightened kingdom
Fly over the peasants plagued with perpetual unwisdom.
Your mind shall seek a higher place, beyond the earthly chains.
Rise above mere fools and mortals, and three secrets you shall gain.


My beloved Notion of the Starless Eternity :stuck_out_tongue:


Who else?


Answer to mine is neither Keeper or Abhorrent Unbirth.

There’s clues for both the effect and the name in there!


Trinity wing?image


Nope! It was NoSE.


Unleash the Evil? I’m fast running out of ideas, to be honest I thought i had it with abhorrent.


Hmm, will take some thinking.
A coldblooded killer
Moving at blitzing speed
But it never allies
With its master or its foe