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Hmm, the key part in this riddle was to know:

  • What vale meant
  • What cards were strong (keeper’s still strong, but isn’t quite as “op” as other things)
  • What cards required a “sacrifice”

Hopefully the next riddle won’t be so cryptic


Sweating over the hearth,
1 less than most.
As the Squires laugh,
He’s a crystal to boast.

I haven’t been here since the realise of Shim’Zar, so give me some slack on the awful riddle, k?


Crystal wisp
Malicious wisp


If it’s Mali it needs: Is Cairill’s waifu.


No and no, but I do appreciate you diving face first into pot holes immediately.


I’m kinda assuming its Lyonar right off the bat due to the reference to squires then crystal makes believe it is Sun Wisp. 1 less than most could refer to the fact that he has very low health relative to the average two drop.


Nope image




Also Incorrect.


I’m not quite sure what i could possibly give as a semi-interesting clue, so i will put off doing so until it seems necessary.


Gather a list of ‘squires’ and try to work out what they might laugh at.


Hearth Sister?


No, tis not. image




Crystal Cloaker?


No, that’s my my way of subverting the min character, and no, NO CLOAKS!


Icebreak ambush?


Second sun? Since he has 0 attack?


No image


No, though to be fair, it probably could be if the first and last clue were slightly different.